Work is fun! I am hoping this work is my destiny here…

Hi God,

I did the changes you suggested, and started writing etc. I am happier than I ever was. What was  the matter with me prior! I was so stressed out! I was thinking I did the right things, in right order and in the right ways, but it was too hard! Help, how can I believe this is truth, as I am ‘sucked under’ by debts prior to this taking off..I worry at times though.

Hirado, take a breath!

I am sorry you worry still. I think if you don’t trust Me, well, who do you trust? It’s not a game this site either by the way, I think you think it might be? Not at all, we tell people these things as most people ask similar things from me all the time. So sorry if you think it’s ‘too easy’, well that is relative. You surrendered. Surrender is Never Easy! To surrender takes these steps:

  • one – take a breath, deep and steady
  • two – take a leap
  • three- let go of all security (so to speak) as we know where security lies, it sure as heck is not in people!
  • four- trust Me at all times and finally
  • five – believe in yourself as God given writing reality to all people

There, surrender, leap, fly! It’s all there.

Arrivederci – I’m going to Tuscany – coming?


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