Why do we feel sad when those who abuse us yell at us too?

Hi God, I am Hirado, and I am really upset.

-Why? , says GOD

I have had services that fxyz up, as well as those who work for me question my decisions, and f-,. up constantly, and I pay for their services continuously, overpriced and even rude. That makes me really sad.

-GOD’S ANSWER. Don’t hire people I don’t support. IF I support someone – they are very successful, and don’t need promo codes nor anyones endorsements. They are really ok without anything except themselves as a brand name as well as a huge conglomerate in their own selves. Never hire a small timer struggling. They aren’t in their flow, nor in their GOD centre. They can’t succeed, as they don’t talk to me like you do.

Don’t be sad, be mad – at yourself for trying to – get a deal.

Bye, GOD

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