Why do we all care so much about money???

Hi God,

Mia again…

God: I don’t mind Mia, keep going…

Ok well, I lived in Vancouver for so many years and NEVER had fun. I had so much worry – stress – and anger towards my ex’es and well, so being saying that online is kind of weird but anyway – that I lost out on Vancouver BC! Waaaahth whaaaas I thinking!

Mia, it’s ok, learning curve so to say…

But it’s such a niiiice plaaaace…wuaaah buhuuuu etc.. (really sad and angry at self here)

God speaks here… Mia, I have sent my son to rescue you from fears. Aren’t you angry at others who didn’t tell you this?

No, not really, well, kind of. My parent’s can be said to have been a bit on the milder side on that message etc. No friends really who believed in Him nor anyone I knew, where could I have gone??

Churches speak about this right?

I can’t see myself having gone there back in those days. I wasn’t really keen (to say the least). They don’t love me there. I felt outside and alone there. I was for those ‘goody two shoes’ people mainly. I was a tough kid.

: (  That’s bad. I intended it to be different. I intended churches to be rescue remedy for all those who sin i.e fear something. Don’t sin i.e fear. No fears. No More Fears. That’s sad that satan destroyed this message for you. I intended so much more for that… maybe in time…(now God cries) buaaah, sniff sniff etc.

There is a “rescue remedy” church out there? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this. (I thought it wasn’t for me at all, I was in deep distress…) Ya, I’m in. Rescue me if you may?

God speaks again even louder – Well HEY! Didn’t you say you didn’t need those “goody two shoes” and didn’t you say that they resent you?

Maybe, I don’t know, maybe I resented them.. I don’t know, : (

God speaks again (and again and again about this) Well NOW were speaking…aren’t you the condemner? Aren’t you the one who judges them? 

I have never thought about it like that God?? I have never thought about that like that at all??



a) don’t keep any, spend it

b) allow Love-God to work trough it all

c) think like this, if it ends, so what. What have I done…maybe lived a lot?? Maybe loved a lot?? Money gatherers be aware…It’s a trap. It takes your time and money as well at the end and gives to others what you wanted to have.



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