Who’s your friends???

Hi God,

Who’s a best friend for ME?

I often see others to help out and so on and I don’t know what to do, am I alone in this world? Who’s there for ME??? : (


Hi little one,

Well do you offer friendships anything other than helping others,…what about fun?  Are you always whining and complaining about your situation (no matter how good it is) and are you happy? I do recall that in the past you offered friends nothing but misery and whining…so – they left. Well, today is different, you offer a listening ear and a hug. That’s a start.

Keep it up!


PS: Friends are like Jewels that get brighter by the day (if you polish them and keep them secret until the day comes to shine brighter than the stars wearing them proudly) – don’t brag but keep intact, especially if precious!

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