When do I know that it’s time to meet someone, after divorce or breakup or being alone?

 Hi Hirado,

When you do what I say that you should do, that is the best time.

It means when you are able to forgive, and to receive love as you receive, say food. Not intensely gobbling away, not hoarding, never saving to starve oneself nor able to store too much for later. If food were love, how would you treat it. Take a bite at a time, enjoy it together with a partner and take care of it. World needs Love, as well as resources to growing it. It’s all in the nourishment and we see this when we feed each other. Love ensues, Love enters. And when you aren’t feeding the world, you aren’t feeding yourself. By the way, the resources aren’t endless you see. Take care of yourselves, eat healthy and well, and love will ensue. I promise!



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