What is Helping Others doing to them, or us?? If we need help, why don’t we just go to You God?

Hi God, I am helping others for a living now, working at one of your facade places : ) UGM that is…and I am wondering what it does to you if I help someone. And what it doest to them, or me for that matter…why is helping others such a key thing in our religious practices…Hirado ..

 Hi Hirado M.,

Fantastic that you took a job (why, may I ask?)…I am hoping that you see the ‘light’ soon ; )

I hope you haven’t scared yet, as you have chosen to choose a little less than the perfect lifestyle may I say…but never the less, if you help somebody, you help yourself. You may ask yourself, why them now…? If it’s you you are helping, why do you choose to work for somebody who sells drugs i.e cigarettes and lottery to addicts etc? Or, if it is somebody else, why didn’t you choose a different segment of the society, let’s say the elderly, they also need a lot of work done around them, why?

But in general terms, helping others brings you joy. I designed it that way, else I wouldn’t be able to separate those who seek others to exploit, and those who seek others to assist. We call it ‘trial by fire’ here in heaven’s realms, and we call it ‘the ultimate go to persons test’ too…why do we call it that? It’s because, if you help somebody, we go to you immediately and help you along…, first in smallest of ways (hey – a parking spot right outside my apartment! Free of charge!) or in biggest of ways (A new job at UGM or somewhere else, just when I wanted to start something like this!) or in massive ways (Hurray – no more debts!) etc. And when you help somebody along and without asking to be rewarded publicly for it – you help yourself most. It’s by design also. If somebody else sees you helping someone, you get pleasure of the fact that you will be known as a helper of others, a great person by the way etc. But, if nobody knows, then you have 10 points plus on others who are known to help. Why is that now, you may again ask yourself once again and I respond…it’s due to the modesty + design. That is another chapter entirely, but it highlights the need to ask for something other than glory here on earth as a reward, or nothing at all. Well, we know the story about the pharisees etc but we don’t know this one.

Have you helped your parents? What about your ex husband? If none of these, then go home and start asking for me to reveal to you how, and then we talk again – ehem…a hard one right!


2 thoughts on “What is Helping Others doing to them, or us?? If we need help, why don’t we just go to You God?

  1. Christine

    Modesty + design? But you get so much more satisfaction when other people know you are a good person though. Please explain a bit more. This is very interesting.


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