What is Anger?

Hi God, it’s Mia… I’m wondering what anger is? Is it an emotion, or is it something external, like ‘negative emotional attack on us’ or what is it??

Hi Mia,


Many people ask me what LOVE IS, but no-one to this day has ever asked me what ANGER is!!!! This is brilliant! Well, anger is inside of your soul. If you are ‘angry’ at someone, you’re angry at yourself. If you LOVE someone however, you LOVE them. Outside – Inside..

And IF you aren’t angry, then what?

Mia answers: “Then I’m Happy – comes to mind..”

Aha, say’s God Almighty, so then you’re sad?

…No not really, sad. Just ANGRY!

Well well well, so happy isn’t an antonym to angry, it’s an antonym to sadness… so why aren’t you happy if you’re angry..

-Mia’s answer….”Well it makes me sad to be angry as I know it’s wrong?! Isn’t it??”

No, not always, righteous anger isn’t happy antonym right?

… MH speaks…Ah sooo, hMmmm… ya, I guess you’re right, when anger is inside and not righteous, then I’m sad to be angry…I don’t get it. Please expand on this.

Tada! I can’t. I am Love. Love never judges, love is patient, love is kind… etc. Do you read this? 1 Corinthians something or the other… somewhere in there is a good definition of me, so WHO”S ANGRY?

Mia—The …devil? (voice quivering here…) hmm… is there a devil or is it me…??

Ah SOOO you believe in the Devil, but he’s the father of LIES! There isn’t anything so vile and so sadistic by the way…

MH again – Ex hubby comes to mind…oops, no names here!! Right?

That’s sadness, now you’re confusing ME – say’s God with a twinkle in His eye…well, let’s keep to target.

ANGER isn’t sad, it’s angry. Sadness is the result of demons taking care of you not me i.e Loving caregiver ME! And sadness CAN translate to Anger if you don’t have a right tool set! The things you need are.

a) Love

b) Loving care and

c) Love and independence!

INDEPENDENCE??? What does THAT have to do with Angry Emotions? Say’s Mia Totally Totally Aghast : – 0

If you are tethered into a rope that binds you to Satan you get ANGRY


PS: Love speaks now – Wowsa! It is so, chains and all…

I hear that Jesus is the saviour that frees from every chain…hmmm

Chains are off by realizing the source of ANGER!


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