What God gives, we should take…

My job as an artist is to encourage other artists. We can, we will join hands, and we shall come first – at the end. When God gives you talents, you shall embrace them fully. Don’t be shy to sing, every opportunity you get, nor even dance. Don’t be too “self important” to be open. Don’t think your’e the best, NOR the worst. Be yourself. I love God, who has given me writing as a tool, among others (photography, dance, music, drawing and painting portraits especially) and from now on I shall be His Best Servant, doing full on what he want’s me to do. THIS.

Gods children must play, and if we can’t, we are doomed. Doomed to stand still, and suffer. Doomed to be alone. Only the true you can have friendships. Or else they are fake, all fake. Lying about your talents isn’t productive, nor is the abuse of self via telling self one is wealthy when one isn’t wealthy, and sinking in a never ending debt circus due to it. Humility wins points. Do what you can but don’t boast as God is truly generous but does like credit too! 

My God, I thank thee today for all these artists gifts that I have, and I shall make full use of them now, during my later years. Thank you again,


Sunshine Coast B.C.

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