True contrition to sin…what is it?

Hi, Mia here…I love Catholicism, I like it a lot! I love Jesus, he appeared to me there!! Oh so niiiceee…I love the sins and confessing them off…

What!!! Why do you love sinning???

—how did I say that? I don’t love sinning?? I love to be aware of sins to get rid of them…

Why are you so aware of yourself sinning Hirado M?

–maybe not focusing, but just being aware of, so I can get the ‘smut’ cleaned up from my system

Catholics like to confess right, that’s what you want right? Ya? Hirado? Are you there HIRADO?

—Ya, I LOVE confession, it’s so ‘smut clearing’, I feel lighter and happier instantly!

(But I don’t, say’s Jeshua, it’s on me now, instantly as you say this…auuch, another thorn again.

But not to worry, I do my job, as always…it’s my Fathers will)..

No Work No Fun right? Mia.

—ehem, right (I’m a Lutheran since birth practically so it’s in the systematic upbringing of ‘you are evil, confess it)

I know, I created Lutherans as well, they aren’t evil, they think evil as they do all kindness, sometimes… as a cover I mean…

—Mom won’t be happy hearing that I’m sure!!

Sorry, your mother isn’t evil, I thought you said that way back…

—ehem,, ya..maybe a bit sinister, that’s all…but anyway back to me of course (self focus again here manifesting)..

But you are the SAME – self-centred as Fabio, (or someone else in focus for beauty)

—jai jai ouch.. : (

OK well done, you confessed from the heart now. Don’t blame others before the logs are out (of your eyes says son here!)

My work says, don’t judge. Don’t condemn and don’t sin right?

—-Yes Lord!

Soldiering there on.. so don’t do it. Don’t swear isn’t in the ten commandments but the 10 is a must ok! If you sin against these three – There is no other God, don’t keep idols, don’t blaspheme Me nor swear on God’s name etc. there. STOP IT!


Well then, what else do you do then?

–like smoking, ya know, swearing, that kind of shit … oops! : – 0 You see what I mean though right? I don’t want to sin but I swear and shit..oopsie again…sorry God

That is a forgivable sin but NOT under my name ok?

Don’t say for instance “I swear to ___God’s name here…” etc.

—OK…! And…?

Assuming your daughter reads this later, we call all Angels and Saints now who n e v e r blaspheme Me! OK! OK  !!!?

–sure (now even more subdued)

Like this right?

–it feels yucky…icky even

That’s sin, it’s coming out of you now, so how do you like THAT now?? : )

–hmm, it’s icky and sticky somehow, is it over yet?

Noooooo … just starting… let’s go on later then ok

—Thanks God


“Thanks be to Lord Jesus Christ!”

Mia Haavisto (and GOD)



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