The “work” we live to do… or do to live…

Hi God, most of may days I am working, on something at least. Wether it is to work inside the house, or outside managing something, or as I’m joining a work force for paid work, all I do is work.  Am I doing it right? I hope this is useful to you God?


I am useful aren’t I? I hope I am doing  something right in your eyes, even though newspapers are full of criticism of me at times but yes, I do have occasionally caused a storm etc.  And will i feel sad about it! No, it’s necessary to clear the air, and then some! But most of the time …

I Just Am.

I am a God.

I am a God who loves you all,

but that is where  w o r k comes in the picture. Where and when we work shall be almost certainly best to be doing this out of Love. Love for something, and/or somebody. See as when you only focus on yourself, it’s bad. And also, if you work for money, that is what you get. -Money. If you work towards improving you constantly, you receive nobody but you as a no-one -is -liking-me and a truly self centred person at the end.

But if you work out of Love towards somebody, something even, it changes the game. Try this, select an area of work and do so because of compassion and Love, and see what happens! It is very simple. What you work for you shall receive! Love is the best outcome.

Love towards others and also towards Me. So work for the aim of  Love and perhaps you could receive it as a reward at the end!

We all seek for Love eventually, ultimately and hopefully, but if directed by your efforts towards your work-life also and also trough it,manifesting it every day, now this is the fastest way to happiness and joy on earth!



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