The Stars *** who r they again, why and so on –

Why God are some people so famous and brilliant and I’m nothing here dabbling along with this site alone as it is??? Why GOD isn’t this famous already?

God Answers here:

Hi Hirado, again!

There is a difference between a star * and you – as we know, they shine and you shine off them, like a moon is shining of a star, eh the sun as we know it. Be a star yourself by taking care of you first, then others first of all. Then — ask me to help you out after.

Ciao and cheers too

God Almighty (ehem ALMIGHTY that is!)

PS: notes aren’t there yet so what’s your issue, I’m readier than u are – say’s God again and again and again so be ready when destiny calls and don’t expect miracles but just do AS I SAY for Heavens Sake for once – you thick headed arrogant and stupid lady

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