The Reason We Are Evil.

Hi God,

I am baffled. I am ‘evil’ at times and sometimes nice. Why?

Thanks for answering,


Hi there-

What’s up babe? I do know this. You’ve got to believe evil exists actually, but  it’s not just bad upbringing and some sort of stuff like that – drugs etc. You know the usual suspects. – But I assure you lady HM, I am creating a world here. I have created depths and hights. I have made water and fire And I made evil and good separate early on, for contrasts sake. Mostly that but eventually, …it’s a long story read on it online if you may, but. The answer still remains.

Yes. There is evil as in an entity of sorts and No you don’t have it but Watch Out! These are the signs of it entering. Lingering into you – innocent doves on earth…

a) a true confusion inside your brain, house, closet, bank accounts etc. Focus is Me. Lack of – isn’t Me.

b) The thinking time – the average personal assistant to Me is thinking maybe less than one second here and there, but you ahem…too much thinking. Be. To Be is a harmonious co-existence within or in-sync with Me – So Be IT. Say’s God Almighty …and also –

c) Most people don’t get this but to yell and scream is evil. Jesus never did yells and scream at people – . nor does Buddha or any of those guys. By the way – did you yell and scream last night? I think you did.. why on earth was it necessary, just wait and issues resolve. Don’t yell- for heaven’s sake and think about it. A yelling and screaming Jesus?? What an imagery – There’s your model in Jesus for what normal is by the way.


d) To take care of yourself has to be there. Lack of self-care. No hygiene. No nice hair do’s – ladies or cuts – mean, no nice clean nails. That is a sure sign of evil within – Think. Manifestation etc.

Keep Happy Thoughts. Keep Open Mindsets and so forth. That is normal. Also to eat healthy is a sign of wealth and so on but more to this later.          These are the signs of a well maintained clear space (within). Space clean Happy ideations and truth spoken. Let’s start there. And – Just be you. I made you for a reason. To be a bit of a sore thumb to others by being just yourself. So Be IT.

Amen and have a Good Day, ; )

God Allmighty

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