The pennies and cents…

Uh I’m so tired!! I am exhausted!

Lord Almighty I may say, I feel SPENT. What is this about!

God Answers…

I hope u didn’t get the exhaustion fumes! Here in the city we don’t breathe, we are abused by lack of oxygen in the Air!

The reason we’re tired in the downtown core isn’t all about traffic, and congestion…We had “traffic” in the olden day’s – the golden day’s you may feel, but it was HELL on earth really, donkeys, musty strangers etc. but NO exhaustion. Never “exhausted” like today, guess what sweety pie…it’s IN THE AIR…Love IS in the AIR like they say. If it smells sweet, it’s ME – say’s GOD, and if it smells SOUR, it’s SULPHUR and it’s guess what  – you KNEW it!!

Sorry to speak about this now when you’re just about to commit to a downtown core living situation right?

Abuse NOT your lungs anymore, but drive away, asap.

Here the picture perfect BC in Air Quality terms (above)

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