the Love ‘edition’


My issue is this. Why do people not get this. A Love is. A Love doesn’t do anything, it has a quality of substantial measures and it doesn’t well, persuade nor does it think etc. Why?

Hirado M.

Well said, and what else it is…you haven’t even started on this Love ‘edition’ and you already are – thank you my son Jeshua who worded it so well’ “give it all to us folks and we take care of you” or something like this… making it public that you aren’t doing stuff anymore. But doing stuff is almost as futile as being when you haven’t got a Love inside. As you see now, doing is very easy IF you Love. You just are. Being starts to seem a bit ‘harder’ if you Love, there’s just too much to ‘do’ but also, nothing at all. See the important shift. No-one who lives Lovingly wastes any time. They all are 100% on target and on top of things that aren’t important to worldliness, but are 100% important to me, and I have the authority on what is important after all. For example, to look out trough the window, and see the sunrise is very important, but having not done your taxes, relatively, isn’t. There.

When we do stuff, ordinarily, we are busy, and stress sometimes bothers us. We can’t get ahead. There isn’t “enough” time, and also there isn’t enough satisfaction in what we have accomplished either. But if we allow, we do only what we Love, and that is a shift of massive proportions, and that is what I wanted from the get go. But those who aren’t me, they tempted you to do stuff so that you would know more, be morally ok’er and so forth, that was a lie of tremendous capabilities, a lie of the ions, by the way. And that’s all – for today. Contemplate doing less and being yourself more. Then next week we talk about how to not to do so many items that aren’t of me, LOVE.


bye for now, night night, good bye, bye bye etc.


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