The life of a mother

Hi God, I am very tired. Very tired indeed. I have a teenage son. He is so different from my daughter to raise. I don’t know what to do next. He doesn’t listen to me at all. He’s just lounging in his bedroom and doing whatever he wants. Is this healthy?



Hi Hirado M.,

Don’t worry, just set boundaries. If this then that. And teenage boys differ very much from girls. Actually males do differ exceptionally from females generally. They thrive on challenges, not on ease, and if nothing challenges them they are limp as limp fish on the beach. I’m sure he’s normal. He is just going trough some hormonal changes and doesn’t like to be authorized. That’s a good sign by the way, and baby him never ever again. That kills manhood. Only charge him out of there if he’s not respectful.

Mom, don’t worry so much, let it be. I’ve got it ok!


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