The Friendships that last

Hi God,

I have trouble with friendships, I don’t like female friends…what’s up with me?? I can’t stand ‘female chatter’ and I am not able to relate…what’s wrong?? God – help me here!


God Speaks…

Ahem, Mia, r u ready to share this with the whole world here?

If u r then let’s go ahead. Ahem. You are taking care of men, that’s your work. As a God, I decided this already when u were in the womb so to speak, you are ‘knitted’ to perfection. Don’t worry about it. Do as you are. Men are your best friends…so what? Where’s the problem with that?? IF I were a female in the world’, which I’m not!! But IF…let’s assume for a second here…I could KILL for this option…as in ..fine.. a VAMP (past tense here as is 50+ today! But still ok looking ; ) ) and a ladies man. What’s lacking…as a “ladies man” inside, you can take on anyone so what’s the complaint exactly?? 

For all those females out there who don’t fall into the “norm”, where is the grand in normality ANYWAY


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