The events of my splitting up …

Hi God,

I have a question. I have a lot of divorce around me, in my vicinity, it’s rampant. How do you feel about it? It’s bad isn’t it. I did it.

Can I meet someone now? And finally,

Where is it that I best meet another that You approve of…oh Lord! Almighty God! This takes ages and ages and I’m running out of time…

Hirado M.

Hi Hirado!!! I’m so glad you ask finally a real true you-related question! I’m so glad! Finally some honesty here!

a) I think you have not been asking me who to marry! I recall that you just did wan’t to  choose by yourself?

Those who aren’t interested in my partner selection aren’t having the right to take it as the other one’s fault if things don’t work out. Right Hirado?

It says somewhere…– what God has joined…etc. in the marital vows. NOT what you both found as impressive and good looking and great to show around right Hirado? Isn’t this fantastic – it’s all “up-to-you stuff” AND, at the time – you didn’t listen to me AT ALL Hirado ; ). So NOW..Further, don’t pamper yourself with any ideas that you were right and the ex-spouse was never right. Take this righteous smile right off your smug little face, and do it Right Now!

b) What next, you ask now. Well Start dating. You aren’t any younger than fourteen years ago when you first asked these stupid silly idiotic stupendously foolish questions. Start dating. How else will you find someone if you don’t start dating! There’s online sites galore out there. Why do you sit here alone and keep talking to ME, for heaven’s sake (no pun intended)… maaahn .. humans!!

c) As per where you should meet someone. My answer is clear.

I con’t care. Go outside. That’s a good start.





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