Talks, sermons and speeches. And what not to speak about.

Hi God, I am always wanting to do a speech, and talk about a lot of things that I am interested about, but then You interfere, and give me lame topics like “Love”, who isn’t thinking this is The Main Over Used Topic Of The World. Blah, and then, to top it all off, I had to re-expose my struggles with my son and all, what in the … name?


“Love Speaks Now”…

What!!! (In a loud exasperated voice) What are you saying? Are you bored of Me?

I think we are through then.. or?

-NONONO.. I mean ‘Love’ , the topic, as a speech, I’m not trough with You God, obviously not!

Well I AM Love, it says in the Bible even (do you read it even? I sent you 2 already..?)

-mmm, on occasion I get spurts of interest, and then I read other things in between..

Like what? I can’t say enough of Bible readers, but anyhow.. talk to me what went wrong with your little presentation then, I listen..

-Well, I wasn’t truly receiving the standing ovation or anything..and people still think I’m a sad case and a true mistake there I believe .. I think I may be over my head (at seminary school)

Wow, and who sent you there again?

-Jesus, he told me (in a night time dream like appearance, and it convinced me so much that I went)

OK, so Jesus speaks to you, I write you a poem right now and then you know OK, are you ready?

-Yes I am God

Dearest, use ‘sir’ if it makes you feel properly addressing an authoritarian figure as I am, there OK, are you ready?

-Yes Sir

The life ends when you are done. You can’t leave without a life style change without Me inside. Anyone who receives a Love this thick and superior is alive. Alive isn’t alive in a sense that it is alive in the worldly things, alive means spiritually ok. And you are. If anyone isn’t OK with a person who is contacting Me in this area isn’t it almost certainly a reception issue, not a delivery one? If you speak about Love and people like it, they are on to it, if you speak about fear and they love it, they have fears or if you speak about things that you know and they don’t they aren’t too interested OR, if you aren’t interested that is due to you not connecting with that particular personality, OK?

– You didn’t write a poem!

I know, and that’s why you receive a C ( minus even maybe) as you deliver an artistic rendering of a ‘Love’ topic and never mind, you got it?

-I did, it wasn’t traditionally speaking anything like a ‘sermon’ should  be, I see it, it’s my fault.

Yes it is and no it isn’t.

-What do you mean God

Love doesn’t make mistakes. IF you speak a sermon at a counselling school, what is that going to do to your mark?

-Low mark obviously

That’s what you did, sorry, you need to know your audience. Pay this one when you can,





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