Soul Ties and how we get rid of them…

Hi God, I need to know right now, how and where and who with, I could work on releasing some old, unhealthy soul ties.  I had a meeting today with someone and he so accurately pointed this to me, as a hindering force in my souls advancement when I seek for you God, and your Kingdom here on earth!

God says…

Mia, I am so glad you spend time with wiser people than yourself – news to me by the way, you tend to gravitate to younger folks that may actually look up to yourself, Ha Ha Ha! Well, irony aside, we think that this soul tie is broken that you are thinking about right now – hmm…what else can I say to break another one.. Ah yes, IF you actually would like soul ties to be off, you would take them out yourself, but you cling to somebody and that is distasteful, if you ask me..

DON’T KLING TO SOMEBODY, say – your’e done!… do you find it difficult?

Yes Lord..

I prefer ‘God’ by the way, Lord is my son..ehm..we call this “interesting aspect of this side of this universe”. When Love is available in abundance, and everywhere in sight, you seek it from somebody who isn’t Love’s main enemy, but nearing that.. and that’s what I call – stupid! Ok? As well as short sighted as you suffer and he strives to make you do so (sorry – a ‘sigh’ here.. from God)

Mainly we deal with soul ties with straight talk – working?

-Ah. yes.. how can I be so ‘stupid’

It’s devils lairs, his lures, his lies, he whispers that there’s a chance that this person may come back or that that other person may forgive you and like it like it’s at, and the third one will be saved and so on, he is a master deceptionist, do not trust satan, ever. Trust me when I say this:

The only way to heaven is by allowing someone to Love yourself. Period..s


-Yes Lord – ahem.. no I meant God

Thanks Mia and take care

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