Sadness Lingers (and other miseries of life…)!!

Hi God, it’s Mia,


Hi Mia, I haven’t heard from you for a while, what’s up ?? 

Hmm… my son died…I’ve been blue as hell…well, fat and blue! And tired, and cranky, and tired…and also settled…but mainly a bit ‘left overs of life’ kinda you know…sad…

Hell yea, I know whats up – your sad over your son right?

Well yeah, I mean, who wouldn’t be…

I’m not sad one single bit.

What? How can you say that…I’m sad as sad can be…

I’m not (say’s God and smiles a bit)…well how are you otherwise?

Well, what do you mean “otherwise”, is there any “wise” other than me being sad right here and right now?

Oh yea, there is – there is three “wises” in a man…one heart, one body and one mind…what’s your brain doing for instance…what’s it’s say on all this?

Hmm…interesting concept, I think it’s trying to resolve what’s next…(all the time actually) working like a maniac weighting options, resolutions, making changes, trying to learn from all this etc.

So a bit on the “overdrive” would you say?

A BIT yeah, a LOT actually (it’s too much actually, constant computing and changing course and…and…) yeah, overdrive is a good word to describe this stage..

And body?

Mmmm tired, kind of ill, I mean a bit sore and cranky (fever) and has a cold

Oh boy Mia, your’e sad – and nobody cares really right?

Yes, …your’e right. Maybe this is it…nobody actually cares…

When my son died, nobody actually cared either too much, just a few friends, and his mother obviously etc. but after centuries, well, perhaps even sooner, something happened. Somebody saw something strange, a few people got together and started churches for him, and so forth. A book was put together, and a lot else, now millions listen, and even more are interested. Don’t despair, nothing changes faster than an opinion that was wrong when a death certificate was handed over…nothing chooses so fast to think first before acting than a pro-drug use to a pro-sobriety, nothing changes so fast as a pro-me me me to a ‘fuck this shit’ your’e right after all mode when death reaps…we need death to live, and dying isn’t the end. So cheer up – in a year you’ll see, what’s up, but before then – trust in me. I know what I’m doing…; )

God Almighty


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