Parents – Who are they eventually, when we grow older?

My parent’s live on the coast here off Vancouver Island. I like to visit them at times, but not all the time. Why is this so hard when we grow older to “take” all these small notes and very cared for things they present to me…why did I even “land” in my family – from Heaven, I presume?


These parent’s that you choose, prior to entering, aren’t “parents” per-se, it’s an educational element of the design of mine. I am taking care of you as an infant mostly via these people, sometimes others have to step in of course, but that’s a separate talk. And, when you grow older, you aren’t typically hanging onto their houses, nor their little habitual existence, if you have read my Sons talks, right?

But many do, and when they do so, the over-due’ness of these relationships start to irk the participants often. It’s a similar situation with animals, sometimes the mother bear chases the daughter bear out of her territory, violently etc. You know this stuff right?

Well, IF you aren’t taking care, they see you as an infant until you’re 65 years old, and they die. That’s all you need to know by the way, and then, you aren’t growing older until then. You “rapid advance” while they aren’t there any longer. IF you think like a regular human, you exit at around 20 or so, and take a hike along the sea shore. If nobody follows, great! If they aren’t in sight – superbly great! And IF they seem to start following you around, ask – why aren’t you letting loose?


-OK – Great!

My oh my, she’s 51 years old…God

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