On Being…

God, why do beings never be? I mean, we are human beings, and we aren’t ‘being’ at all. We rush around endlessly, doing stuff, and most often we do things to please others, not ourselves. Can you please help us human-beings to Be more easily, instead of doing so much? Please!

Hi Hirado M,

I am disagreeing here in the most major ways! I am doing all the time too, all the time. I am the creator, the one and only one, AND I am doing so much, through you all, that it isn’t even funny…everything moves around because of me doing stuff, through you!

When you are being, it means doing in a different state. You don’t stop doing stuff, and start just sitting around like Buddha. However – that has a purpose also. But most can’t just sit around all day and meditate. But – when you aren’t fearing somebody else’s anger, reactions, etc. or even trying to please someone, since that is also a fear of some type, then you are doing stuff in Me. In Me- God, and that means in a being state of Grace!

Therefore. Fear not, it is said earlier, fear not!

And still people rush around, try to get home on time and eat faster, to what. To do nothing, or just to be alone, and they aren’t enjoying themselves as they do it. I am the alpha, the omega and the life. You end up here in heaven eventually, no matter how much you rush around, and save and become a somebody. Or have success. Or none at all. But eventually – old age is a blessing with major capacities – you shall do nothing at all, all day, and that is the end result of all that rushing around at the end.

Please remember these words.

There’s no point if it isn’t Me doing it trough yourself, none has any meaning, only Love inside your heart doing anything at all. The rest is ‘crap’ – so to speak (sorry for the profanity here, just has to say it like it is sometimes) – God’s note…

Well, having said that, I have to go, need to do some housecleaning, watch this – pow —it’s a thunder, and flash—and a huge lightning storm here, I cleaned out some debris from universal scale tensions that build up here in the atmosphere here.



God’s sake. Today is a tough day. Why am I here anyway?

I’m sorry God, but today I don’t see the point at all! I hope this all is ending shortly. I have nothing. Absolutely nothing at all, but I have worked. A lot at times, and very many situations have been handled. Childrens upbringing, horses ailments. Houses. Taking care of self is the entirely new area to me as well. Can we talk – please?


I have news for you! Good news!  I hope you listen…

Well, firstly. You are not alone. There is a billion + people currently asking why life isn’t giving anything nor anybody to their perusal. Secondly, we all need ‘self care’ (a popular phrase for me it’s only called Love). If somebody isn’t taking care you you? We need self care less if we care for someone else, who in turn cares for us. If you care about someone, they shall care about you! Well, shall we seek for anyone in particular or did you want me to choose? : ) LOL…

Ok – I choose. Go work in an old age housing place and I seek for someone there…OK?

By the way, re: working for ‘nothing’, get real! This is Me!


Tasks vs. Purpose

Hi God,

I’m writing about jobs, and about the work we perform in general. And purpose, and what life is all abut. What is it that keeps us from making it in this world? Even if we try so hard every day?

 Hi Hirado M,

I am sad as I sense that you always try so hard to make it and never get to what you were meant to do. : (

If you love performing some kind of errands, do so, but do not allow yourself to do more than  one specific task per day, and do it well, so that you feel fulfilled and happy. And never compromise your life’s purpose due to others’ expectations of you. Never. Allow yourself to live Your life and Be. Only you can know who you are.