The Workaholics Anonymous…

Hi God…

Why do I work all the time?? I can’t rest. I can’t.


Hi Mia Haavisto, a workaholic…an coffee…aholic, a shopaholic former and so on…

what else is news…? Where do you get the energy from? Oh, … (does see pictures inside of her head of money – fame and fortune)…

I thought so…

(case closed)


Note: All the – aholisms are …ultimately a need to impress others. All of them

Loving someone-something

Hi God,

I am seeing myself change here. I understand now that loving something or someone is everywhere. We can’t think like this. It’s only this or only that right? But in the even I love something, can I keep it?


Hi Hirado,

Perfect talk topic by the way. Yes you can keep it and work for it. Yes you can have someone that you love and yes you are able to love something-someone again IF anyone leaves etc. All we need is Love to make things work. As we know, if there’s a will there’s a way. Nobody needs to sacrifice, no one needs to be afraid. Love it. Live it and keep it. That’s my thought-du-jour.

There’s my motto for humanity. Love it. Keep it. Live it and enjoy it.

I am Love you see…


Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of

righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven – Mt 5:3-10

Hi- I’m Hirado, and I write a lot.

I call myself a writer because I write – all the time.



a) why do you judge me or…

b) who cares who we are, how we look like and where we live etc. Who is the one who makes all others say bad things about others who aren’t liking the same style or even housing options etc. The judgers, where is their juices flowing from and

c) where is the reason to judge and condemn others as they seek for love just as we all do.

Hi Hirado,

Glad u asked again some relevant topics here

a) demons

b) demons and

c) why? I say why? because of demons and satan

bye – and loving caresses from angels above +

xoxoxo from Love Himself GODAngel Lullabye by Billy Joel

TIME vs. time

Hi God – again,

today was a “busy” day, I slept, wen’t to ballet and did some cooking. Where did all my time again go, as of today?

No time to ‘work’ at all. where doest the time fly????

God Speaks trough Hirado’s hands here —

Well, there’s a time to sleep and a time to work, a time to…and so on, you know, you could think about reading Me a bit more often you all silly whiners there, but as you are asking. Yes. I created time, but there’s TIME and time. TIME is precious, when destiny calls, you sit it out – or act straight away, but when stress is on, it’s time without caps. The time is always too short, and it’s not that precious either, its merely stress and running around aimlessly doing nothing – BUT – IF u r about TIME, the precious one, then TIME extends to whatever it needs to extend to and you never run out.

Let’s talk TIME here for a second, pun intended etc. but TIME is created to last forever, the striking appearance of a woman whom you never met who sits at a coffee shop and eats ..or the handsome gentle stranger who isn’t a stranger after all but a friends who sits right next to her. TIME stays still. Mere minutes have passed but eternity was there. OR…

We can talk death, even a death doesn’t take that “long” at all, except it does. TIME stands still. You are entering eternity, etc. But re: earthly events, the musicians know about TIME, that extends and bends to suitable lengths, or even artists. Also those who have relatives who stay too long…ehem, atzooh – sneezing- that starts to tickle my nose as it’s an Allergic Reaction To Relatives That Stay Too Long, but that’s another story,

See you again, TIME and time out again..

GOD ; )

PS: TIME is Precious so let’s start today, last warning, Writing something today, or just sitting around and smoking weed and cigarettes or…?


Talks, sermons and speeches. And what not to speak about.

Hi God, I am always wanting to do a speech, and talk about a lot of things that I am interested about, but then You interfere, and give me lame topics like “Love”, who isn’t thinking this is The Main Over Used Topic Of The World. Blah, and then, to top it all off, I had to re-expose my struggles with my son and all, what in the … name?


“Love Speaks Now”…

What!!! (In a loud exasperated voice) What are you saying? Are you bored of Me?

I think we are through then.. or?

-NONONO.. I mean ‘Love’ , the topic, as a speech, I’m not trough with You God, obviously not!

Well I AM Love, it says in the Bible even (do you read it even? I sent you 2 already..?)

-mmm, on occasion I get spurts of interest, and then I read other things in between..

Like what? I can’t say enough of Bible readers, but anyhow.. talk to me what went wrong with your little presentation then, I listen..

-Well, I wasn’t truly receiving the standing ovation or anything..and people still think I’m a sad case and a true mistake there I believe .. I think I may be over my head (at seminary school)

Wow, and who sent you there again?

-Jesus, he told me (in a night time dream like appearance, and it convinced me so much that I went)

OK, so Jesus speaks to you, I write you a poem right now and then you know OK, are you ready?

-Yes I am God

Dearest, use ‘sir’ if it makes you feel properly addressing an authoritarian figure as I am, there OK, are you ready?

-Yes Sir

The life ends when you are done. You can’t leave without a life style change without Me inside. Anyone who receives a Love this thick and superior is alive. Alive isn’t alive in a sense that it is alive in the worldly things, alive means spiritually ok. And you are. If anyone isn’t OK with a person who is contacting Me in this area isn’t it almost certainly a reception issue, not a delivery one? If you speak about Love and people like it, they are on to it, if you speak about fear and they love it, they have fears or if you speak about things that you know and they don’t they aren’t too interested OR, if you aren’t interested that is due to you not connecting with that particular personality, OK?

– You didn’t write a poem!

I know, and that’s why you receive a C ( minus even maybe) as you deliver an artistic rendering of a ‘Love’ topic and never mind, you got it?

-I did, it wasn’t traditionally speaking anything like a ‘sermon’ should  be, I see it, it’s my fault.

Yes it is and no it isn’t.

-What do you mean God

Love doesn’t make mistakes. IF you speak a sermon at a counselling school, what is that going to do to your mark?

-Low mark obviously

That’s what you did, sorry, you need to know your audience. Pay this one when you can,





God speaks about his work

I am sure you have something to say that I wan’t to hear,but can’t think the question for, let it roll God!


Hirado M., hurray! I have the floor finally,

Well, I wan’t to tell you something about Love. You need to feel joy at times, else you haven’t got anything in life. If you don’t elevate joy to the highest of desires, then why exist! If somebody asked you if you like to clean, what would you say? I know – NO, you don’t like to clean. If somebody asked you if you like to plan mortgages or loans, you’d say – Not likely and that’s all right, and if somebody asked you to clean and cook and you felt like dance classes, why don’t you say something! I am sick and tired of all those requests that keep pouring in sending me to the mad house sooner or later! And still all those thousands of people pray up to me, day in and day out! They say things like  ‘God, please send me cash!’ or…’God, can you arrange my living situation to a better one.’ or even…’God, let’s go and party, who should I call up?’. Hired, in this you have all these requests all day and night too, and I say to you -Hirado M. -you have to do something about these things. I am NOT a cookie cutter personal assistant type of God. I allow YOU to live your life as per what you like, I help when you ask, in relevant things such as…

a) where to live or what to do for living

b) who to be talking to and when about me especially and

c) what battle to choose and what not to choose or even

d) how to vacation and where (this is extra, not many receive this one but  you did and that was fun right) and almost all can receive this via you but they don’t ask so whatever…

e) why am I so tired and hell bent to work over time – two jobs etc. you ask and  that I can solve immediately (never save a lot but spend less) and..



My oh My I haven’t got it easy here in Heaven at all times



The “work” we live to do… or do to live…

Hi God, most of may days I am working, on something at least. Wether it is to work inside the house, or outside managing something, or as I’m joining a work force for paid work, all I do is work.  Am I doing it right? I hope this is useful to you God?


I am useful aren’t I? I hope I am doing  something right in your eyes, even though newspapers are full of criticism of me at times but yes, I do have occasionally caused a storm etc.  And will i feel sad about it! No, it’s necessary to clear the air, and then some! But most of the time …

I Just Am.

I am a God.

I am a God who loves you all,

but that is where  w o r k comes in the picture. Where and when we work shall be almost certainly best to be doing this out of Love. Love for something, and/or somebody. See as when you only focus on yourself, it’s bad. And also, if you work for money, that is what you get. -Money. If you work towards improving you constantly, you receive nobody but you as a no-one -is -liking-me and a truly self centred person at the end.

But if you work out of Love towards somebody, something even, it changes the game. Try this, select an area of work and do so because of compassion and Love, and see what happens! It is very simple. What you work for you shall receive! Love is the best outcome.

Love towards others and also towards Me. So work for the aim of  Love and perhaps you could receive it as a reward at the end!

We all seek for Love eventually, ultimately and hopefully, but if directed by your efforts towards your work-life also and also trough it,manifesting it every day, now this is the fastest way to happiness and joy on earth!



To succeed isn’t key but it’s key to remain true to oneself!

Hi God, to succeed seems too hard at times, what does it take?

 Hi Hirado, to succeed isn’t hard, it’s easy. To speak up is. The one’s who are successful are always happy to voice their concerns to others, as in what you want, need and have to get. If you aren’t able to be ok with your needs, where do we think your endeavour ends? To succeed is equal to becoming truthful, that’s all it is. Become a success, start today!