Loving someone-something

Hi God,

I am seeing myself change here. I understand now that loving something or someone is everywhere. We can’t think like this. It’s only this or only that right? But in the even I love something, can I keep it?


Hi Hirado,

Perfect talk topic by the way. Yes you can keep it and work for it. Yes you can have someone that you love and yes you are able to love something-someone again IF anyone leaves etc. All we need is Love to make things work. As we know, if there’s a will there’s a way. Nobody needs to sacrifice, no one needs to be afraid. Love it. Live it and keep it. That’s my thought-du-jour.

There’s my motto for humanity. Love it. Keep it. Live it and enjoy it.

I am Love you see…


Talks, sermons and speeches. And what not to speak about.

Hi God, I am always wanting to do a speech, and talk about a lot of things that I am interested about, but then You interfere, and give me lame topics like “Love”, who isn’t thinking this is The Main Over Used Topic Of The World. Blah, and then, to top it all off, I had to re-expose my struggles with my son and all, what in the … name?


“Love Speaks Now”…

What!!! (In a loud exasperated voice) What are you saying? Are you bored of Me?

I think we are through then.. or?

-NONONO.. I mean ‘Love’ , the topic, as a speech, I’m not trough with You God, obviously not!

Well I AM Love, it says in the Bible even (do you read it even? I sent you 2 already..?)

-mmm, on occasion I get spurts of interest, and then I read other things in between..

Like what? I can’t say enough of Bible readers, but anyhow.. talk to me what went wrong with your little presentation then, I listen..

-Well, I wasn’t truly receiving the standing ovation or anything..and people still think I’m a sad case and a true mistake there I believe .. I think I may be over my head (at seminary school)

Wow, and who sent you there again?

-Jesus, he told me (in a night time dream like appearance, and it convinced me so much that I went)

OK, so Jesus speaks to you, I write you a poem right now and then you know OK, are you ready?

-Yes I am Sir..mm.. God

Dearest, use ‘sir’ if it makes you feel properly addressing an authoritarian figure as I am, there OK, are you ready?

-Yes Sir

The life ends when you are done. You can’t leave without a life style change without Me inside. Anyone who receives a Love this thick and superior is alive. Alive isn’t alive in a sense that it is alive in the worldly things, alive means spiritually ok. And you are. If anyone isn’t OK with a person who is contacting Me in this area isn’t it almost certainly a reception issue, not a delivery one? If you speak about Love and people like it, they are on to it, if you speak about fear and they love it, they have fears or if you speak about things that you know and they don’t they aren’t too interested OR, if you aren’t interested that is due to you not connecting with that particular personality, OK?

– You didn’t write a poem!

I know, and that’s why you receive a C ( minus even maybe) as you deliver an artistic rendering of a ‘Love’ topic and never mind, you got it?

-I did, it wasn’t traditionally speaking anything like a ‘sermon’ should  be, I see it, it’s my fault.

Yes it is and no it isn’t.

-What do you mean God

Love doesn’t make mistakes. IF you speak a sermon at a counselling school, what is that going to do to your mark?

-Low mark obviously

That’s what you did, sorry, you need to know your audience. Pay this one when you can,





Gods Grace..

I’d love to learn about grace, what is it exactly?



Hi Mia,

I’d love to teach you about this. I am ever forgiving. I am ever so happy to help, and I am always available. IF you ever loved somebody (for real), you are the same. If you ever needed somebody to fulfill a void inside, you aren’t this type of person. IF I have all the Love that exists, I have no needs to love you in a needy fashion, but if I have nests of emptiness, and voids of IT, the Love that is, then I need you to fulfill my instructions and my want’s to be happy, and still – I may be only satisfied for a few days.

Wan’t to learn something? (yes, she nods eagerly)

There is only one kind of Love around. The else, is counterfeit. IF you love somebody for real, you aren’t even thinking of revenge, nor satisfaction via loveless deeds, such as thinking about expelling them from … anywhere. IF you love somebody, you allow. That is the rule of the universe #3. (We get to #1 and #2 soon).

You have to learn how to love your son Mia Haavisto. You have never loved him as you have loved yourself. You love only you at now, and that means, ever forgiving, ever so “Grace-filled” and allowing, but your son, he receives the stick, right?

“ya..I guess…”

Well, we need to correct this asap. Think again before you mail anybody anything about you nor your son, don’t. Mail only positive optimistic things, like “I trust he’s doing ok, or he is only thinking about what he want’s and also wherever is Love, there he is, etc.” and you’ll see what happens next.




I am wondering if health means a lot to you God? Why is health so much on the news and on our minds. Why aren’t we healthy as default, why is everyone taking so much time to talk and take care of their health nowadays God? I wan’t to be healthy but not always to think and ‘work’ at it. Always..

Hi Hirado,

A very acute topic indeed. Health. Where is it coming from, why don’t we get it ‘free’ or at least as a default programmed in our psyche or our bodies…mmm

I think it’s all your fault. I think You have started all this health topic as a do it yourself type of deal. I didn’t. I never said, go work out and be healthy. Where is your axe? Go chop wood… or take a walk along the beach, don’t ask others to walk your healthy pets along the shore, and don’t take any yard-people to work on your houses. If you had anything at all that work may become easier by the way if you do it, you would actually be wealthy, and also healthier. We use services to work sitting on an office chair all day – to pay for these. There is one health buster right there. The other one is that we don’t work out, we work to look beautiful. IF you don’t concentrate on abs, but on health. What do you do?


Absolutely asap or even the likeable dance you like, but never a workout regime that is gruesome. I don’t like the torment of health. I love a fine line between enjoyment and working for healing, like in riding. You heal as you ride a horse and horses aren’t health freaks are they, they run as they enjoy it and together you are foolishly jumping fences while at it (don’t) but anyway…be happy?

Joy is key and also living larger than life. That is your health care challenge right there. Go for it.


In response to an inquiry re: the Modesty+ – design we have here on earth…

Hi God,

I received an inquiry re: your Modesty+ design. Can you elaborate…


Hi Hirado,

Fantastic that someone is interested. Typically people glaze over these small details. Small but yet very very key insights. The Modesty+ is typically an underrated virtue. We call it a truly hard -core Christian virtue. Those who like be seen doing altruistic deeds, aren’t getting anything at all for it. Those who aren’t even known to do these deeds, or do them silently, are. You know why? Think about this as a truly elevating focus of anyone who interests themselves in it. Do you operate from Love towards the target, or from selfish self elevating ‘am I a good person’ and ‘am I getting a lot for this’ though. If the latter – forget about it. LOVE rules the world, nothing else. L O V E! Get this, and you are ok.

G O D – the Almighty

Hi, I’m wondering about mindfulness, can you please explain a little bit?

Hi, I’m God, the one and only one. I am. This is, and there isn’t anything that needs to be done ever, except being. When you ‘are’, you are the real you, and when you are trying to be somebody else, you aren’t real, but an attempt. An attempt to be somebody else’s idea of yourself. This is hell on earth. This is evil. To be or not to be, now there is a question to be aware of. I’d say – to be.

And when you are the best you, you are the real you also, we are even saying this here on the universal planes, those who aren’t themselves are evil as they pretend, and those who aren’t pretending will suffer, as those who are, get at their ‘backs’ and whip them the real true selves to submission, or at least try to do this. A lot of damage is done with this mentality by the way…Thus nothing else is as aggravating to a fake than a real being.

Who you are depends on what your moral stance is, and who you aren’t depends on what you don’t wan’t to represent. For instance, to be  ‘honesty’ you need to live it, to be a ‘frugality’, the same. You by the way are both of these. We faked for a bit that you aren’t and you suffered right? But now it’s over, you can be honesty as well as frugality again, as those life values sit well with you as well as others who you see as your friends.

To be who you are is what you came for, to become somebody else’s idea of you isn’t right. To be what you came for is my agenda for every human being, and to fake and pretend is the devils way of establishing fakes and-or just pure ‘evil’ or even just really mean…your choice of word but anyway – take care

bye Hirado M. ,


When life starts/ends, what happens?

Q:  What is ‘the end’ when it’s here? Is it the beginning, and ending at the same time, or is it truly and end of something, to give us a sense of time, I don’t get this…

Hi, the end is the start, the start ending. That’s what the end is.GOD