Death and dying alone…

Loving God Almighty,

I have lost a soul so dear to me that I cry alone, all the time…a lot of the time I am home

and arrange my paperwork or jus stare…

most of the time I cry and lament on my faith alone…what shall I do?? I cry alone, what could I do to be so sad is heart breaking and very sad and so sad and and and…(sobs…)

God Says…

Aww Mia, are you so sad that your son is in heaven now?? Why not tell someone who isn’t there that they shouldn’t be arguing with you and telling you what to do next…why not just argue over nothing with nobody as you are…like this. “I should have gone there…! Aaarrgg…and replying “Yes you should you idiot!”, “You are a scum bag, why didn’t you know this in advance!!” and so on (this has been going on now for years I think, you self blaming instead of being married or someone “special” with somebody…who COULD actually tell you something, but nobody does! Why? Because there is NOTHING TO SAY you IDIOT! (Now I’m getting mad here in heaven so…so…SORRY) …I’m hoping you take this advice.

Go talk to someone, like your ex husband told you to do…: ( and do it soon! Take a hike like I said or go swimming…and tell people that you love it here where you are currently and tell people and “Yadi Yadi Yadaaa…” well said. Whatever. I say to you, IF you believe in me At All! You stop this shitting all over others and self and start saying to me “Your Will Has Been Done, he’s at peace and harmony with yourself and others and I am grieving as I miss his physicality and obviously his silly laughs and joking and being there, but that is just a natural thing to do!” This will elevate your joy as you see other kids playing outside and enjoying themselves somedays we cry, and somedays we are happy. Period. I am God and I do what I want, but I am ALWAYS RIGHT when I take someone as they completed their work here on earth. Completely. Nobody is alone and at this I mean, NOBODY ever is ALONE. I am always there with you so silly Mia, stop this ridiculousness and be happy that you are alive and well and have friendships too.

Alone – phew, what have I said for millions of times over and over, I never leave, I am always PRESENT, even in sorrow.



The issue with Love…

Love first right?

say’s Mia smiling – Always Love first right God??

“Always Love Mia, always love, as when you choose by ME – say’s GOD

you always win BIG TIME…; )

All we need is LOVE, the Beatles sing but I still want to add this…

All we need is  LOVE BIG TIME, the self-sacrificing Love, the kind of LOVE that needs nothing for self at all, that way you win biggest.

Try that for a change…always love Me more than you love yourself, and love love more than anything. Love love. Make Love your God and you are onto something big ..


What is Anger?

Hi God, it’s Mia… I’m wondering what anger is? Is it an emotion, or is it something external, like ‘negative emotional attack on us’ or what is it??

Hi Mia,


Many people ask me what LOVE IS, but no-one to this day has ever asked me what ANGER is!!!! This is brilliant! Well, anger is inside of your soul. If you are ‘angry’ at someone, you’re angry at yourself. If you LOVE someone however, you LOVE them. Outside – Inside..

And IF you aren’t angry, then what?

Mia answers: “Then I’m Happy – comes to mind..”

Aha, say’s God Almighty, so then you’re sad?

…No not really, sad. Just ANGRY!

Well well well, so happy isn’t an antonym to angry, it’s an antonym to sadness… so why aren’t you happy if you’re angry..

-Mia’s answer….”Well it makes me sad to be angry as I know it’s wrong?! Isn’t it??”

No, not always, righteous anger isn’t happy antonym right?

… MH speaks…Ah sooo, hMmmm… ya, I guess you’re right, when anger is inside and not righteous, then I’m sad to be angry…I don’t get it. Please expand on this.

Tada! I can’t. I am Love. Love never judges, love is patient, love is kind… etc. Do you read this? 1 Corinthians something or the other… somewhere in there is a good definition of me, so WHO”S ANGRY?

Mia—The …devil? (voice quivering here…) hmm… is there a devil or is it me…??

Ah SOOO you believe in the Devil, but he’s the father of LIES! There isn’t anything so vile and so sadistic by the way…

MH again – Ex hubby comes to mind…oops, no names here!! Right?

That’s sadness, now you’re confusing ME – say’s God with a twinkle in His eye…well, let’s keep to target.

ANGER isn’t sad, it’s angry. Sadness is the result of demons taking care of you not me i.e Loving caregiver ME! And sadness CAN translate to Anger if you don’t have a right tool set! The things you need are.

a) Love

b) Loving care and

c) Love and independence!

INDEPENDENCE??? What does THAT have to do with Angry Emotions? Say’s Mia Totally Totally Aghast : – 0

If you are tethered into a rope that binds you to Satan you get ANGRY


PS: Love speaks now – Wowsa! It is so, chains and all…

I hear that Jesus is the saviour that frees from every chain…hmmm

Chains are off by realizing the source of ANGER!


Art that isn’t published isn’t art, it’s a start…

HI God,

I’m a nit picker by nature, and I like to just well..nitpick around all days, at times. And at other times I do a lot in one or two days, then I get tired. What am I really? A lazy person with spurts of energy OR a normal person with lazy spells?

I could be lazy or an ‘artist’ or what? Or is this type of industriousness that lasts 24/7 for three days and sleepless nights accompanying ‘normal’? What do you say, the Lord of the Universe?


Hi, I think you think too much,

do what you do and be fine with it. There is no must nor schedule for writing but there is one thing you don’t know yet about.

Published art is art. The writers who stay inside not sharing aren’t writing, they are ‘scribblers’ and they don’t artist labels carry well. They are shy and insecure so get outside of your comfort zone and send out some notes today even!

The art that isn’t art is just a start!

; )


God Almighty

How do I communicate with Angles??

Hello, this is Mia Haavisto,

How do I communicate with Angles in heaven?

Hi Mia, you’re back, I thought Hirado was writing…(hehehe)

well, fear does many things as well as erases your blog-sites well well well,

are you sure you wanted me to tell you how?

—Yes God, for sure, I am back and to stay and I want to communicate with them!!

Ahem, aren’t you an angel yourself if you talk to me?

—Whaat? Me? No, I aint no angel (that’s for sure)

Only Angels say this (while on earth), they have self focus on sin…

—Sorry, now you’re loosing me.. I don’t get this?? At all!! Can you please explain further!

May we talk some other day, you have to go to church right?

—Yes, oh my God (sorry).

God speaks here to himself: MY POINT EXACTLY

Normal, what is it?


Hi God,

I don’t really relate to people so much. I mean I like them but I am alone most of the time, and write and talk to you oh Lord.

Is this ‘normal’ or ‘the norm’ even?


Hirado Hirado Hirado,

No it isn’t.

But, what shall I say… I think you are too hard on yourself. Your standards are too high for self and others. Think globally, think business. Where your clients are, what you are to them? What is your standard there?

  • mmm I thank my clients (counselling) that they teach me so much, they are a gift! They always come with wisdom and secrets that are interesting and teach me so much about human conditions and love. I thank them every day!

OK, there’s a standard I love to speak about. First, they look up to yourself for this one perhaps not if they see it, but later. Humility is beauty. Also, the reason we aren’t able to love others is within (yourself). Ask yourself who told you that you are beautiful or special? When I say it I say, you are nobody, I am special right? Ah yes… there we it?


The Reason We Are Evil.

Hi God,

I am baffled. I am ‘evil’ at times and sometimes nice. Why?

Thanks for answering,


Hi there-

What’s up babe? I do know this. You’ve got to believe evil exists actually, but  it’s not just bad upbringing and some sort of stuff like that – drugs etc. You know the usual suspects. – But I assure you lady HM, I am creating a world here. I have created depths and hights. I have made water and fire And I made evil and good separate early on, for contrasts sake. Mostly that but eventually, …it’s a long story read on it online if you may, but. The answer still remains.

Yes. There is evil as in an entity of sorts and No you don’t have it but Watch Out! These are the signs of it entering. Lingering into you – innocent doves on earth…

a) a true confusion inside your brain, house, closet, bank accounts etc. Focus is Me. Lack of – isn’t Me.

b) The thinking time – the average personal assistant to Me is thinking maybe less than one second here and there, but you ahem…too much thinking. Be. To Be is a harmonious co-existence within or in-sync with Me – So Be IT. Say’s God Almighty …and also –

c) Most people don’t get this but to yell and scream is evil. Jesus never did yells and scream at people – . nor does Buddha or any of those guys. By the way – did you yell and scream last night? I think you did.. why on earth was it necessary, just wait and issues resolve. Don’t yell- for heaven’s sake and think about it. A yelling and screaming Jesus?? What an imagery – There’s your model in Jesus for what normal is by the way.


d) To take care of yourself has to be there. Lack of self-care. No hygiene. No nice hair do’s – ladies or cuts – mean, no nice clean nails. That is a sure sign of evil within – Think. Manifestation etc.

Keep Happy Thoughts. Keep Open Mindsets and so forth. That is normal. Also to eat healthy is a sign of wealth and so on but more to this later.          These are the signs of a well maintained clear space (within). Space clean Happy ideations and truth spoken. Let’s start there. And – Just be you. I made you for a reason. To be a bit of a sore thumb to others by being just yourself. So Be IT.

Amen and have a Good Day, ; )

God Allmighty

How we don’t do what we aught to do?

Hi God,

It’s truly sinister that I feel so sad, what is it? Why do I feel so awful at times and so sad even? Do we believe in ‘demons’ still today and why is it so hard to get rid of demons if they r real?

Hi Hirado -, the “demons of fear” are on you. Don’t believe them. “Pray them out” asap. Like this:

a) tell them to leave and be sure they won’t resist if you are sure you want them to leave and

b) ask ‘it’ to go away for good and

c) tell ‘it’ to stay away for good and

d) tell Me to come and heal your heart. I.e a

good old exorcist routine. -I tell you – These boy’s knew what they were talking about,


Me – God Allmighty