TIME vs. time

Hi God – again,

today was a “busy” day, I slept, wen’t to ballet and did some cooking. Where did all my time again go, as of today?

No time to ‘work’ at all. where doest the time fly????

God Speaks trough Hirado’s hands here —

Well, there’s a time to sleep and a time to work, a time to…and so on, you know, you could think about reading Me a bit more often you all silly whiners there, but as you are asking. Yes. I created time, but there’s TIME and time. TIME is precious, when destiny calls, you sit it out – or act straight away, but when stress is on, it’s time without caps. The time is always too short, and it’s not that precious either, its merely stress and running around aimlessly doing nothing – BUT – IF u r about TIME, the precious one, then TIME extends to whatever it needs to extend to and you never run out.

Let’s talk TIME here for a second, ehem..no pun intended etc. but TIME is created to last forever, the striking appearance of a woman whom you never met who sits at a coffee shop and eats ..or the handsome gentle stranger who isn’t a stranger after all but a friends who sits right next to her. TIME stays still. Mere minutes have passed but eternity was there. OR…

We can talk death, even a death doesn’t take that “long” at all, except it does. TIME stands still. You are entering eternity, etc. But re: earthly events, the musicians know about TIME, that extends and bends to suitable lengths, or even artists. Also those who have relatives who stay too long…ehem, atzooh – sneezing- that starts to tickle my nose as it’s an Allergic Reaction To Relatives That Stay Too Long, but that’s another story,

See you again, TIME and time out again..

GOD ; )

PS: TIME is Precious so let’s start today, last warning, Writing something today, or just sitting around and smoking weed and cigarettes or…?


The Stars *** who r they again, why and so on –

Why God are some people so famous and brilliant and I’m nothing here dabbling along with this site alone as it is??? Why GOD isn’t this famous already?

God Answers here:

Hi Hirado, again!

There is a difference between a star * and you – as we know, they shine and you shine off them, like a moon is shining of a star, eh the sun as we know it. Be a star yourself by taking care of you first, then others first of all. Then — ask me to help you out after.

Ciao and cheers too

God Almighty (ehem ALMIGHTY that is!)

PS: notes aren’t there yet so what’s your issue, I’m readier than u are – say’s God again and again and again so be ready when destiny calls and don’t expect miracles but just do AS I SAY for Heavens Sake for once – you thick headed arrogant and stupid lady

God, I’m so dismayed, why don’t people like this stuff, or do they wan’t something more ‘scientific’ out of this?


I just want to know what to say to people when they are asking if I am a Christian, since I talk to you all the time and most christians fear this is Satan talking or something? Especially at the campus where I wen’t. They don’t trust that you still would bother with us, mere mortals here on earth. So depressing, they don’t trust me AT ALL!


Don’t explain, just say read 2 Corinthians 3 and shut up. Please, shut up already and stop whining,  lets do something Great! OK!


The sense of acceptance and so on…


I am hoping to get to the state where I am ok with myself. To date, I have made so many mistakes trying so much to impress somebody and something else, I am also trying to be a good person. What shall I do?

Answers from above:

Well, the best thing to do is not a thing, it’s to be. To be you. All you need is acceptance of Lord Jesus Christ’s work for you. If you don’t have that, you don’t have anything. But let’s start from the beginning.

Most love isn’t easy. Self love included. And most love of self isn’t love, it’s neediness. When Lord enters our soul and heart too, where love resides by the way as all notes prior to this particular note say, we get it truly. The one who we need is His love first, when that’s clearing all the ‘garbage’ out, there is a purest of love left, but the entire thing is written before.

You have to read the Bible first, then come and ask any questions you like straight after!

All angels and so on..to you Hirado



What is Helping Others doing to them, or us?? If we need help, why don’t we just go to You God?

Hi God, I am helping others for a living now, working at one of your facade places : ) UGM that is…and I am wondering what it does to you if I help someone. And what it doest to them, or me for that matter…why is helping others such a key thing in our religious practices…Hirado ..

 Hi Hirado M.,

Fantastic that you took a job (why, may I ask?)…I am hoping that you see the ‘light’ soon ; )

I hope you haven’t scared yet, as you have chosen to choose a little less than the perfect lifestyle may I say…but never the less, if you help somebody, you help yourself. You may ask yourself, why them now…? If it’s you you are helping, why do you choose to work for somebody who sells drugs i.e cigarettes and lottery to addicts etc? Or, if it is somebody else, why didn’t you choose a different segment of the society, let’s say the elderly, they also need a lot of work done around them, why?

But in general terms, helping others brings you joy. I designed it that way, else I wouldn’t be able to separate those who seek others to exploit, and those who seek others to assist. We call it ‘trial by fire’ here in heaven’s realms, and we call it ‘the ultimate go to persons test’ too…why do we call it that? It’s because, if you help somebody, we go to you immediately and help you along…, first in smallest of ways (hey – a parking spot right outside my apartment! Free of charge!) or in biggest of ways (A new job at UGM or somewhere else, just when I wanted to start something like this!) or in massive ways (Hurray – no more debts!) etc. And when you help somebody along and without asking to be rewarded publicly for it – you help yourself most. It’s by design also. If somebody else sees you helping someone, you get pleasure of the fact that you will be known as a helper of others, a great person by the way etc. But, if nobody knows, then you have 10 points plus on others who are known to help. Why is that now, you may again ask yourself once again and I respond…it’s due to the modesty + design. That is another chapter entirely, but it highlights the need to ask for something other than glory here on earth as a reward, or nothing at all. Well, we know the story about the pharisees etc but we don’t know this one.

Have you helped your parents? What about your ex husband? If none of these, then go home and start asking for me to reveal to you how, and then we talk again – ehem…a hard one right!


Hi, I’m wondering about mindfulness, can you please explain a little bit?

Hi, I’m God, the one and only one. I am. This is, and there isn’t anything that needs to be done ever, except being. When you ‘are’, you are the real you, and when you are trying to be somebody else, you aren’t real, but an attempt. An attempt to be somebody else’s idea of yourself. This is hell on earth. This is evil. To be or not to be, now there is a question to be aware of. I’d say – to be.

And when you are the best you, you are the real you also, we are even saying this here on the universal planes, those who aren’t themselves are evil as they pretend, and those who aren’t pretending will suffer, as those who are, get at their ‘backs’ and whip them the real true selves to submission, or at least try to do this. A lot of damage is done with this mentality by the way…Thus nothing else is as aggravating to a fake than a real being.

Who you are depends on what your moral stance is, and who you aren’t depends on what you don’t wan’t to represent. For instance, to be  ‘honesty’ you need to live it, to be a ‘frugality’, the same. You by the way are both of these. We faked for a bit that you aren’t and you suffered right? But now it’s over, you can be honesty as well as frugality again, as those life values sit well with you as well as others who you see as your friends.

To be who you are is what you came for, to become somebody else’s idea of you isn’t right. To be what you came for is my agenda for every human being, and to fake and pretend is the devils way of establishing fakes and-or just pure ‘evil’ or even just really mean…your choice of word but anyway – take care

bye Hirado M. ,


The “work” we live to do… or do to live…

Hi God, most of may days I am working, on something at least. Wether it is to work inside the house, or outside managing something, or as I’m joining a work force for paid work, all I do is work.  Am I doing it right? I hope this is useful to you God?


I am useful aren’t I? I hope I am doing  something right in your eyes, even though newspapers are full of criticism of me at times but yes, I do have occasionally caused a storm etc.  And will i feel sad about it! No, it’s necessary to clear the air, and then some! But most of the time …

I Just Am.

I am a God.

I am a God who loves you all,

but that is where  w o r k comes in the picture. Where and when we work shall be almost certainly best to be doing this out of Love. Love for something, and/or somebody. See as when you only focus on yourself, it’s bad. And also, if you work for money, that is what you get. -Money. If you work towards improving you constantly, you receive nobody but you as a no-one -is -liking-me and a truly self centred person at the end.

But if you work out of Love towards somebody, something even, it changes the game. Try this, select an area of work and do so because of compassion and Love, and see what happens! It is very simple. What you work for you shall receive! Love is the best outcome.

Love towards others and also towards Me. So work for the aim of  Love and perhaps you could receive it as a reward at the end!

We all seek for Love eventually, ultimately and hopefully, but if directed by your efforts towards your work-life also and also trough it,manifesting it every day, now this is the fastest way to happiness and joy on earth!



To succeed isn’t key but it’s key to remain true to oneself!

Hi God, to succeed seems too hard at times, what does it take?

 Hi Hirado, to succeed isn’t hard, it’s easy. To speak up is. The one’s who are successful are always happy to voice their concerns to others, as in what you want, need and have to get. If you aren’t able to be ok with your needs, where do we think your endeavour ends? To succeed is equal to becoming truthful, that’s all it is. Become a success, start today!