Horses and Addictions

Hello God Almighty,

I hope this isn’t too late…but I hope to help addicts too, and horses are supposed to be extra good at this work. How does a horse help an addict exactly? How? Why? (And so on…)


Hi Mia…Hi there…

I’m sure you know already, you don’t say…

  • Thrills, ‘kicks’ ahem…no pun intended here and also physical exhaustion but something else too…I don’t know.  What is it?

The reason a Horse isn’t just any animal for this is simply this.

They are poetic and free.

The addiction ‘kinda’ mirrors something like that (and it’s also a bit dangerous at some level also) just like any Heroin ride… you never know if you are emerging from it alive or something like that and also…the life is so ‘edgy’ with a horse.

The horsemanship however requires sobriety. They  – addicts – don’t know it but once there, you can’t smell of booze nor cigars, …nor other substances ’cause the horse KNOWS that you aren’t there for its need for a leader.. then it can kick,  may runs away etc. So there.

Double whammy. All or nothing ride for a lifestyle change right there. So either

you ride and experience similar (or better) ‘kicks’ via horsemanship, or…

you die trying…eheheh…

I love extremes up here…makes people think!

God Almighty


The Friendships that last

Hi God,

I have trouble with friendships, I don’t like female friends…what’s up with me?? I can’t stand ‘female chatter’ and I am not able to relate…what’s wrong?? God – help me here!


God Speaks…

Ahem, Mia, r u ready to share this with the whole world here?

If u r then let’s go ahead. Ahem. You are taking care of men, that’s your work. As a God, I decided this already when u were in the womb so to speak, you are ‘knitted’ to perfection. Don’t worry about it. Do as you are. Men are your best friends…so what? Where’s the problem with that?? IF I were a female in the world’, which I’m not!! But IF…let’s assume for a second here…I could KILL for this option…as in ..fine.. a VAMP (past tense here as is 50+ today! But still ok looking ; ) ) and a ladies man. What’s lacking…as a “ladies man” inside, you can take on anyone so what’s the complaint exactly?? 

For all those females out there who don’t fall into the “norm”, where is the grand in normality ANYWAY


Who’s your friends???

Hi God,

Who’s a best friend for ME?

I often see others to help out and so on and I don’t know what to do, am I alone in this world? Who’s there for ME??? : (


Hi little one,

Well do you offer friendships anything other than helping others,…what about fun?  Are you always whining and complaining about your situation (no matter how good it is) and are you happy? I do recall that in the past you offered friends nothing but misery and whining…so – they left. Well, today is different, you offer a listening ear and a hug. That’s a start.

Keep it up!


PS: Friends are like Jewels that get brighter by the day (if you polish them and keep them secret until the day comes to shine brighter than the stars wearing them proudly) – don’t brag but keep intact, especially if precious!

Image result for jewels


The sexy question…








Are you sexy? Mia? Are you?

— Mia seems scared and stares herself in the mirror… no no no, I think that’s over, I’m kind of fat and frumpy… I am! I’m too busy to take care of myself!

And to mow and to walk and to exercise and to… why is that?

–I’m working?

No you’re not, you work like, say 3 h/week, why is it..

—I’m working on someone else’s health and happiness here…a friend…


Work on yourself from now on ok! Nothing else



What Drug Addiction Does to People’s Brains…

Hi God,

Now I’m talking serious business. I have to know what to tell someone I know who is using. What can I tell them that they get well?



God Speaks Now…

Hi Mia,

Tough stuff…I hope you are not alone with this…it’s a tough situation for a lonely woman to be in. Hmmm.. I would say, – It’s up to you what ya do, as I am God, but you, you try too hard. Don’t try anything, just BE.

Don’t do anything. Just be. Tell them to f-off if they are mean and Be. Don’t frazzle, don’t scream. Don’t yell. (It doesn’t help).Be, and don’t give a sh..t about them anyway,

any other questions?


PS: I love them so IF they want me they know where to find me too…





Neighbourhood stance.

Hi God,

I have a “fence issue”

I have neighbours who didn’t care. I have neighbours who aren’t Christians. They don’t give a s&@& about me at all!!

I hope to be in the neighbourhood of loving people, where is it?

Mia, I am Loving This…

Are you yourself a sinister sinner?

— I am, Lord, I am…I truly am, I have a lot of flaws still.

I Love This, are you a sinner?

— I am such a sinner Lord, such an evil sinner. I have to admit publicly every Sunday at Church that I have sinned, and I do so…

Mia, you aren’t just a sinner, you are a truly Remorseful Sinner.

I love it that you admit it. But those who are issuing these rights of neighbourhoods to you, aren’t sinners right?

— I’m not sure what you are saying, I’m not sure I understand, please expand…

I mean, wherever you see folks who don’t admit to their sins, that’s where sin stands.


(Say’s the Lord of the Universe with tears in His eyes)

I’m so so sorry, He adds, I’m so so sorry, you’r neighbours are mean to you, but you have ME  – He say’s and smiles. You and Sofia have ME, say’s the Lord, you’ll always have ME.

What is Anger?

Hi God, it’s Mia… I’m wondering what anger is? Is it an emotion, or is it something external, like ‘negative emotional attack on us’ or what is it??

Hi Mia,


Many people ask me what LOVE IS, but no-one to this day has ever asked me what ANGER is!!!! This is brilliant! Well, anger is inside of your soul. If you are ‘angry’ at someone, you’re angry at yourself. If you LOVE someone however, you LOVE them. Outside – Inside..

And IF you aren’t angry, then what?

Mia answers: “Then I’m Happy – comes to mind..”

Aha, say’s God Almighty, so then you’re sad?

…No not really, sad. Just ANGRY!

Well well well, so happy isn’t an antonym to angry, it’s an antonym to sadness… so why aren’t you happy if you’re angry..

-Mia’s answer….”Well it makes me sad to be angry as I know it’s wrong?! Isn’t it??”

No, not always, righteous anger isn’t happy antonym right?

… MH speaks…Ah sooo, hMmmm… ya, I guess you’re right, when anger is inside and not righteous, then I’m sad to be angry…I don’t get it. Please expand on this.

Tada! I can’t. I am Love. Love never judges, love is patient, love is kind… etc. Do you read this? 1 Corinthians something or the other… somewhere in there is a good definition of me, so WHO”S ANGRY?

Mia—The …devil? (voice quivering here…) hmm… is there a devil or is it me…??

Ah SOOO you believe in the Devil, but he’s the father of LIES! There isn’t anything so vile and so sadistic by the way…

MH again – Ex hubby comes to mind…oops, no names here!! Right?

That’s sadness, now you’re confusing ME – say’s God with a twinkle in His eye…well, let’s keep to target.

ANGER isn’t sad, it’s angry. Sadness is the result of demons taking care of you not me i.e Loving caregiver ME! And sadness CAN translate to Anger if you don’t have a right tool set! The things you need are.

a) Love

b) Loving care and

c) Love and independence!

INDEPENDENCE??? What does THAT have to do with Angry Emotions? Say’s Mia Totally Totally Aghast : – 0

If you are tethered into a rope that binds you to Satan you get ANGRY


PS: Love speaks now – Wowsa! It is so, chains and all…

I hear that Jesus is the saviour that frees from every chain…hmmm

Chains are off by realizing the source of ANGER!


Why do we all care so much about money???

Hi God,

Mia again…

God: I don’t mind Mia, keep going…

Ok well, I lived in Vancouver for so many years and NEVER had fun. I had so much worry – stress – and anger towards my ex’es and well, so being saying that online is kind of weird but anyway – that I lost out on Vancouver BC! Waaaahth whaaaas I thinking!

Mia, it’s ok, learning curve so to say…

But it’s such a niiiice plaaaace…wuaaah buhuuuu etc.. (really sad and angry at self here)

God speaks here… Mia, I have sent my son to rescue you from fears. Aren’t you angry at others who didn’t tell you this?

No, not really, well, kind of. My parent’s can be said to have been a bit on the milder side on that message etc. No friends really who believed in Him nor anyone I knew, where could I have gone??

Churches speak about this right?

I can’t see myself having gone there back in those days. I wasn’t really keen (to say the least). They don’t love me there. I felt outside and alone there. I was for those ‘goody two shoes’ people mainly. I was a tough kid.

: (  That’s bad. I intended it to be different. I intended churches to be rescue remedy for all those who sin i.e fear something. Don’t sin i.e fear. No fears. No More Fears. That’s sad that satan destroyed this message for you. I intended so much more for that… maybe in time…(now God cries) buaaah, sniff sniff etc.

There is a “rescue remedy” church out there? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this. (I thought it wasn’t for me at all, I was in deep distress…) Ya, I’m in. Rescue me if you may?

God speaks again even louder – Well HEY! Didn’t you say you didn’t need those “goody two shoes” and didn’t you say that they resent you?

Maybe, I don’t know, maybe I resented them.. I don’t know, : (

God speaks again (and again and again about this) Well NOW were speaking…aren’t you the condemner? Aren’t you the one who judges them? 

I have never thought about it like that God?? I have never thought about that like that at all??



a) don’t keep any, spend it

b) allow Love-God to work trough it all

c) think like this, if it ends, so what. What have I done…maybe lived a lot?? Maybe loved a lot?? Money gatherers be aware…It’s a trap. It takes your time and money as well at the end and gives to others what you wanted to have.