The Life as we know it.

Hi God,

Is there “The One”? Why don’t I meet somebody already. It’s been 10 loooong years!


Hi God’s little Hirado,

Here are some tips – a) go outside – meet someone who does something you like doing. Like dog walking and b) move away from the city. There is nothing like being outside and meeting someone at the trail head and at the grocery store where you belong. You aren’t a city slicker – you are a country bumpkin and you love it. Hirado, are you seriously attracting no-one? Well then we need to talk deeper.

Sure is, I’m alone as I waited over 10+ year for someones return. And I still wait – kind of. 

That’s silly Hirado. There is no such thing as delayed loving. It’s instant and where you go is very nice by the way so don’t pine. Get outside and walk those dogs –

bye – God

The sense of acceptance and so on…


I am hoping to get to the state where I am ok with myself. To date, I have made so many mistakes trying so much to impress somebody and something else, I am also trying to be a good person. What shall I do?

Answers from above:

Well, the best thing to do is not a thing, it’s to be. To be you. All you need is acceptance of Lord Jesus Christ’s work for you. If you don’t have that, you don’t have anything. But let’s start from the beginning.

Most love isn’t easy. Self love included. And most love of self isn’t love, it’s neediness. When Lord enters our soul and heart too, where love resides by the way as all notes prior to this particular note say, we get it truly. The one who we need is His love first, when that’s clearing all the ‘garbage’ out, there is a purest of love left, but the entire thing is written before.

You have to read the Bible first, then come and ask any questions you like straight after!

All angels and so you Hirado



Gods Grace..

I’d love to learn about grace, what is it exactly?



Hi Mia,

I’d love to teach you about this. I am ever forgiving. I am ever so happy to help, and I am always available. IF you ever loved somebody (for real), you are the same. If you ever needed somebody to fulfill a void inside, you aren’t this type of person. IF I have all the Love that exists, I have no needs to love you in a needy fashion, but if I have nests of emptiness, and voids of IT, the Love that is, then I need you to fulfill my instructions and my want’s to be happy, and still – I may be only satisfied for a few days.

Wan’t to learn something? (yes, she nods eagerly)

There is only one kind of Love around. The else, is counterfeit. IF you love somebody for real, you aren’t even thinking of revenge, nor satisfaction via loveless deeds, such as thinking about expelling them from … anywhere. IF you love somebody, you allow. That is the rule of the universe #3. (We get to #1 and #2 soon).

You have to learn how to love your son Mia Haavisto. You have never loved him as you have loved yourself. You love only you at now, and that means, ever forgiving, ever so “Grace-filled” and allowing, but your son, he receives the stick, right?

“ya..I guess…”

Well, we need to correct this asap. Think again before you mail anybody anything about you nor your son, don’t. Mail only positive optimistic things, like “I trust he’s doing ok, or he is only thinking about what he want’s and also wherever is Love, there he is, etc.” and you’ll see what happens next.



Gods favouritism and all that sort of stuff

Hi God, I had Christine ask me if God prefers some people, when they seem to have all the luck, how is it God, do you?


Now were talking, you of all people should know this…ahem..

as you are interested in behalf of others, I’ll say no – and yes. I do favour others and then again don’t. This is the final answer. But, if YOU wan’t to favour ME, then I favour You! See! I work in fairness, and in healing modalities too…

Sometimes we work in tandem. You favour Me, and I favour You ok! But, at times, we’re a bit less in-tuned. You favour me and it SEEMS that you have a lot to do and all things go wrong all the time… hmm, what’s up then?? You may ask yourself. I’ll tell you what’s up. You can’t listen to what I have to say to you. You are rushing, and all it takes is a few moments each day to listen (and to take notes if you have to) and live accordingly (and to read my works). But, we all know how you get with those tasks to do and accomplish, no time for old God in Heaven, he’s just talking…right?

– ok, I agree. I take a few blows here and there for not listening, nor talking to you seriously, just blogging and forgetting about the results etc. hmm.. what do you suggest for in-tunement

PRAY, always! PRAY ’till the cows come home, and after even, and don’t think you don’t have to cause I’m here ; ) – Mia, seriously, are you taking notes or ..?

– I am, I am, I do take notes, I just don’t read them always, I forget, I get distracted!!!

That’s the devil. He’d like to derail you – watch out for these signs…

a) don’t get things over with (it’s “stuck-ness” – that’s bad and all things end without any effort but not the way you’d like them to if you don’t watch out

b) if you don’t receive what you need – you possibly haven’t talked to Me and said Thanks! and..

c) if you aren’t in matrimony, and wanted to be – say to yourself, am I talking to the wrong person? And will I think like a fish, or like a mammal. If like a fish, well you know what the saying is there…and if like a mammal, you’d think by now you’d find somebody, IF you’d tried truly right?

Mia, I’m serious – sometimes it’s ‘up to you’ stuff too, but hey, who’s blaming Me! Not you! And if you aren’t taking any precautions, like prayer, do not say this – “I didn’t know” OK!

Thanks for asking,



Soul Ties and how we get rid of them…

Hi God, I need to know right now, how and where and who with, I could work on releasing some old, unhealthy soul ties.  I had a meeting today with someone and he so accurately pointed this to me, as a hindering force in my souls advancement when I seek for you God, and your Kingdom here on earth!

God says…

Mia, I am so glad you spend time with wiser people than yourself – news to me by the way, you tend to gravitate to younger folks that may actually look up to yourself, Ha Ha Ha! Well, irony aside, we think that this soul tie is broken that you are thinking about right now – hmm…what else can I say to break another one.. Ah yes, IF you actually would like soul ties to be off, you would take them out yourself, but you cling to somebody and that is distasteful, if you ask me..

DON’T KLING TO SOMEBODY, say – your’e done!… do you find it difficult?

Yes Lord..

I prefer ‘God’ by the way, Lord is my son..ehm..we call this “interesting aspect of this side of this universe”. When Love is available in abundance, and everywhere in sight, you seek it from somebody who isn’t Love’s main enemy, but nearing that.. and that’s what I call – stupid! Ok? As well as short sighted as you suffer and he strives to make you do so (sorry – a ‘sigh’ here.. from God)

Mainly we deal with soul ties with straight talk – working?

-Ah. yes.. how can I be so ‘stupid’

It’s devils lairs, his lures, his lies, he whispers that there’s a chance that this person may come back or that that other person may forgive you and like it like it’s at, and the third one will be saved and so on, he is a master deceptionist, do not trust satan, ever. Trust me when I say this:

The only way to heaven is by allowing someone to Love yourself. Period..s


-Yes Lord – ahem.. no I meant God

Thanks Mia and take care

The events of my splitting up …

Hi God,

I have a question. I have a lot of divorce around me, in my vicinity, it’s rampant. How do you feel about it? It’s bad isn’t it. I did it.

Can I meet someone now? And finally,

Where is it that I best meet another that You approve of…oh Lord! Almighty God! This takes ages and ages and I’m running out of time…

Hirado M.

Hi Hirado!!! I’m so glad you ask finally a real true you-related question! I’m so glad! Finally some honesty here!

a) I think you have not been asking me who to marry! I recall that you just did wan’t to  choose by yourself?

Those who aren’t interested in my partner selection aren’t having the right to take it as the other one’s fault if things don’t work out. Right Hirado?

It says somewhere…– what God has joined…etc. in the marital vows. NOT what you both found as impressive and good looking and great to show around right Hirado? Isn’t this fantastic – it’s all “up-to-you stuff” AND, at the time – you didn’t listen to me AT ALL Hirado ; ). So NOW..Further, don’t pamper yourself with any ideas that you were right and the ex-spouse was never right. Take this righteous smile right off your smug little face, and do it Right Now!

b) What next, you ask now. Well Start dating. You aren’t any younger than fourteen years ago when you first asked these stupid silly idiotic stupendously foolish questions. Start dating. How else will you find someone if you don’t start dating! There’s online sites galore out there. Why do you sit here alone and keep talking to ME, for heaven’s sake (no pun intended)… maaahn .. humans!!

c) As per where you should meet someone. My answer is clear.

I con’t care. Go outside. That’s a good start.





The ‘arguments’, that drive me nuts!

The arguments we have aren’t all about the things we argue over. Take a little small

break. Allow it to ‘fester’ and allow it to be. If the being state equals the argument, then you are

in the correct stance. If not, correct yourself. And once settled, take action! Never ever let arguments fester, and allow yourself to be free of burdens of unresolved things.

Thank you for asking,




I’m wondering if anyone calls anyone any longer? And if men call me, what’s the most important thing to ask them?

 Hi, Sorry, we have to break this into two parts. First, where you go with this is this-

Hello, is somebody even there? Is anyone taking calls any longer, or just text messaging and leaving voice mails? I knew this was coming up, I knew it!

First of all, I talk. I never take messages, I’m present. And secondly if you talk to somebody on the phone it is more significant today than anything else. They talk only to friends. As you know, most people aren’t even talking, they message. But, if you talk. It’s a friends voice you are loving hearing and interacting with. The messaging is very intense today. It stops when the networks break down. The nobody knows anybody any longer. That is a satanic trick by the way. A total isolation happens in an instant.

When men call and you answer, it means you are interested. If they call and you don’t, they know you aren’t. If you answer them and they aren’t, that is a call for something else,

so what you need to ask them is if they have heart, as in – do they Love me. If they do Love me, they always will Love you also, the rest will flee. By the way, there’s your answer to all of it : )