Sadness Lingers (and other miseries of life…)!!

Hi God, it’s Mia,


Hi Mia, I haven’t heard from you for a while, what’s up ?? 

Hmm… my son died…I’ve been blue as hell…well, fat and blue! And tired, and cranky, and tired…and also settled…but mainly a bit ‘left overs of life’ kinda you know…sad…

Hell yea, I know whats up – your sad over your son right?

Well yeah, I mean, who wouldn’t be…

I’m not sad one single bit.

What? How can you say that…I’m sad as sad can be…

I’m not (say’s God and smiles a bit)…well how are you otherwise?

Well, what do you mean “otherwise”, is there any “wise” other than me being sad right here and right now?

Oh yea, there is – there is three “wises” in a man…one heart, one body and one mind…what’s your brain doing for instance…what’s it’s say on all this?

Hmm…interesting concept, I think it’s trying to resolve what’s next…(all the time actually) working like a maniac weighting options, resolutions, making changes, trying to learn from all this etc.

So a bit on the “overdrive” would you say?

A BIT yeah, a LOT actually (it’s too much actually, constant computing and changing course and…and…) yeah, overdrive is a good word to describe this stage..

And body?

Mmmm tired, kind of ill, I mean a bit sore and cranky (fever) and has a cold

Oh boy Mia, your’e sad – and nobody cares really right?

Yes, …your’e right. Maybe this is it…nobody actually cares…

When my son died, nobody actually cared either too much, just a few friends, and his mother obviously etc. but after centuries, well, perhaps even sooner, something happened. Somebody saw something strange, a few people got together and started churches for him, and so forth. A book was put together, and a lot else, now millions listen, and even more are interested. Don’t despair, nothing changes faster than an opinion that was wrong when a death certificate was handed over…nothing chooses so fast to think first before acting than a pro-drug use to a pro-sobriety, nothing changes so fast as a pro-me me me to a ‘fuck this shit’ your’e right after all mode when death reaps…we need death to live, and dying isn’t the end. So cheer up – in a year you’ll see, what’s up, but before then – trust in me. I know what I’m doing…; )

God Almighty


The “gap” between adults and teenagers today…

Hi God,

I am wondering if my teenagers still think I’m so “smart” at all things…?? I don’t ALWAYS know what they are up to either, nor am I so sinister that I would be going over their things EVER…so what should I do. I don’t want to disappoint my teens with anything super stupid, nor do I want to be adhering to tyranny as a method of ruling over them, but a parent. What’s a parent to do in most cases as situations arise…



Are YOU the ONLY parent here? Or…did they get “fathered”? IF you are, let me know and well work something out…but IF they by any chance have ANOTHER parent too, then let me know, and I’ll talk to HIM. He’s ok with me or..?

….ehem…he’s not actually…he isn’t “subscribing” to religious thought…

I didn’t ask IF he’s religious, I ask merely, can he talk to ME, God, about stuff?

… I’m thinking possibly not…on basis of what I know today at least…

Then were to do it, you and I…so now what? What’s your issue again…?

…I have to tell my daughter no about something and she doesn’t like it.

It’s GREAT. Tell her. And tell yourself too, and NO EXCUSES…


Teenagers and suicidality….

GOD, I’m so scared…teenagers today are taking drugs – some to kill themselves…downright only to – Kill Themselves?!? Even in our neighborhood here in super nice BC we are seeing this. Why? In heaven’s name, can’t you do something about this?


Hi Mia,

I’m sincerely concerned too…I think it’s due to the tendency of adults to put so much pressure on teens… 

The teenagers who aren’t evil aren’t good always either so they SHOULD know by now that dying means The End. If they don’t get this, they aren’t teens, (still babies) and teens are typically underutilized. Put them to work or something, make them survive on their own and live outside of their world for a simple reason of ME – GOD making decisions for them now. (Stay out of their hair I mean) and give them a go for THEIR money and don’t help at all. This gives a nice sense of worthiness for those “unworthy” teens who STRUGGLE so much. IF they have to live on their own they have to pay for it too (less use, more bussing to work) and they are mere teens not today but MINI adults at age 13 so believe me – teens ..hmph …they know man, they know!



Gods Love Towards Us…


I didn’t Love myself for years!

I am such a dumb person, a complete ass… such a bad bad bad person and I don’t like myself now. I am not liking myself now as I am not loving me at all…and I don’t like what I’ve done either. I am in ‘repair mode’ over me…In essence. I am AWARE, and I am also capable of taking heed now…this precedes a complete transformation I HOPE! I don’t like these things about me at all

God Responds (AGAlN!!! : 0 )   )

OK Mia, calm down, I know your kid is here…(that’s tough right!) and I know you moved, and I know your new to business in write-ups and I know, I know, I know (I Created You!) I KNOW you, will you please let me in now?? (knock knock…)…

  • hmmm… OK say’s Mia…OK then

Fine, call a friends kid over who is struggling and say, I need your help! (That always works, people LOVE to be asked right?)

  • Yes, I do…! : )

Well then, don’t hesitate, call for ‘help’ … as when you are helping out, you actually receive help, BUT, when you getting help for you, you actually are allowing for OTHERS to heal. THAT IS MY DESIGN ehem… say’s God, with a slight wink in his eye, “I did it to measure intents and give accordingly”. He says..”Isn’t that brilliant”!!!

Whoo Hoo…!! That’s why I’m GOD (and you’re NOT!)

GOD Almighty ; )

Drugs and death among youngsters in our society??

A Letter From God Almighty in Heaven…

Hi Mia,

I hear your son’s gone now, but don’t despair…

I have a plan.

a) take a hike

b) take a class

c) go for a swim in the pool somewhere

d) go and meet your friends in the  jazz dance classes and

c) take a long drive in the Valley thinking about him and his…

Upstairs at Gods house where God sits on His throne, there is NO Death whatsoever, nobody dies and there are no meals either…only sunshine and only peace and love – But, what you need to do for your budding enterprise is this:

a) stop lying to each other as we are all so small…

b) stop keeping secrets from each other as they kill innocent people even…

c) stop harbouring drug dealers as they are dirty scoundrels who deserve their faith and…




In GODS HANDS I lay my little one

he was so small inside and cried alone…he was a gentle, kind personality without an aim in life…

I laid him to rest on a Thursday in May, we kissed his cold cheeks goodbye and cried…all my life I had waited for him to pass on, as I knew his faith was the one I seek too…to die alone but peacefully. To die alone but peacefully, to be all about Love and not about fear, to be a comfortable cradle for dying arms and legs, to be a smoking alarm set too late, to be a live testimonial for wrong choices and life spent waiting for love.


I want to LIVE my LIFE as meant to be

as lively and alive as God made me


do I lull myself to sleep

I go FIGHTING the injustices of this world rather than fade away lulling myself to a zone unknown.

Mia Haavisto



My Heart yearns for yours Mia, my heart yearns,

why to blame yourself, your son is in good hands now…

speak about dangers of self-destructive behaviours and why? We are still a community of strangers, let’s make Friends out of Enemies by hugging and kissing them goodbye and always staying in touch.


GOD Almighty Lord of The Universe Joshua i.e Jesus



The issue with Love…

Love first right?

say’s Mia smiling – Always Love first right God??

“Always Love Mia, always love, as when you choose by ME – say’s GOD

you always win BIG TIME…; )

All we need is LOVE, the Beatles sing but I still want to add this…

All we need is  LOVE BIG TIME, the self-sacrificing Love, the kind of LOVE that needs nothing for self at all, that way you win biggest.

Try that for a change…always love Me more than you love yourself, and love love more than anything. Love love. Make Love your God and you are onto something big ..


Why do we all care so much about money???

Hi God,

Mia again…

God: I don’t mind Mia, keep going…

Ok well, I lived in Vancouver for so many years and NEVER had fun. I had so much worry – stress – and anger towards my ex’es and well, so being saying that online is kind of weird but anyway – that I lost out on Vancouver BC! Waaaahth whaaaas I thinking!

Mia, it’s ok, learning curve so to say…

But it’s such a niiiice plaaaace…wuaaah buhuuuu etc.. (really sad and angry at self here)

God speaks here… Mia, I have sent my son to rescue you from fears. Aren’t you angry at others who didn’t tell you this?

No, not really, well, kind of. My parent’s can be said to have been a bit on the milder side on that message etc. No friends really who believed in Him nor anyone I knew, where could I have gone??

Churches speak about this right?

I can’t see myself having gone there back in those days. I wasn’t really keen (to say the least). They don’t love me there. I felt outside and alone there. I was for those ‘goody two shoes’ people mainly. I was a tough kid.

: (  That’s bad. I intended it to be different. I intended churches to be rescue remedy for all those who sin i.e fear something. Don’t sin i.e fear. No fears. No More Fears. That’s sad that satan destroyed this message for you. I intended so much more for that… maybe in time…(now God cries) buaaah, sniff sniff etc.

There is a “rescue remedy” church out there? Why didn’t anyone tell me about this. (I thought it wasn’t for me at all, I was in deep distress…) Ya, I’m in. Rescue me if you may?

God speaks again even louder – Well HEY! Didn’t you say you didn’t need those “goody two shoes” and didn’t you say that they resent you?

Maybe, I don’t know, maybe I resented them.. I don’t know, : (

God speaks again (and again and again about this) Well NOW were speaking…aren’t you the condemner? Aren’t you the one who judges them? 

I have never thought about it like that God?? I have never thought about that like that at all??



a) don’t keep any, spend it

b) allow Love-God to work trough it all

c) think like this, if it ends, so what. What have I done…maybe lived a lot?? Maybe loved a lot?? Money gatherers be aware…It’s a trap. It takes your time and money as well at the end and gives to others what you wanted to have.



Divorcing someone…

Hi God,

I’m Mia, and I am DIVORCED. MAN that has been the story of my life. What about that divorce item…what can I say to people who are there and struggling, I am so free now but still I’d like to share something worth while..


Divorce is agonizing. It’s hell. There is no other way out except for forgiveness.