Why do we fall in Love?
Where is our true soul lover and…who is it?
Why do we suffer so many years when we love someone etc.


I’d like to know Love better, can you help God?

Yes, I am. Thinking of which, you still need a seremon for your class don’t you…

-Yes, I am in the middle of the scriptures and still kind of working on it..

Ok, here goes, from God – Love speaks in fact, it’s IT. You’ve got it.. let’s go..rock and roll here!

Love IS.

Love does nothing.

Love accepts.

Love heals.

Love is all accommodating.

Love hates nobody.

Love has all interests in this world and beyond at heart. All of them. Love to think? Ya, go for it. Love to walk. Go for it. Love to take hikes. Go for it. etc.

Love accepts all and forgives the rest.

Love isn’t thinking about own best, but your best.

Love has all issues resolved by IT. It’s Love, for God’s sake… humans…and finally

Love helps you along. Don’t fret. Love yourself finally and rest. And get yourself some jeans that work..for heavens sake, ! Mia!


God = Love

Wherever you are, there is hope…

I am so satisfied to be within a reasonable distance from my deeds. I am ‘escaping’ here in Mexico, and it’s nice! I like it. Why did you send me here God Almighty!?



Hi Mia,

Thanks for the intro, ya, I’m allmighty, but casual as well, if needed. I can ‘morph’ as needed, I’m not needy.. ehem..

Well, let’s get to it, why aren’t you “dealing with it” as usual at home right now…why I “sent you to Mexico, of all places” and “why send those who believe in me anywhere anyway?”, right?

-Yes, Why? (asks Mia earnestly)

I have no “other” either, and I need you to believe that this is “it”. You need to find your souls meaning for you. You like warm right?

– yes, correct

You love the ocean right? and I mean, truly love it all the time…or..?

– Yes, but…

Never mind those who think it’s not ok, then you don’t like to “work” right?

– well, ehem..not really but yes if it’s with people but I write and no, not really, I like to be “free” to do what I wan’t at any hour..

Mainly at “any hour” right?

-yes, that’s it, else I’m ok doing whatever

Well, that doesn’t jive with my purposes for you but let’s see, Mexico is pretty laissez fair – or…?

– Yes, seems to be..

OK that’s it. You belong here. Don’t wiggle, you aren’t even ‘trying’ here, you are. There is no ‘other’. If a person finds their space, I’m better for it. If you, poor soul, followed a ‘trying mode’ to Canada, you didn’t do yourself anything but poorly selected rainy days in a trying mode of achievement. You don’t like that. But, you like Me, God, and you like laissez faire – or.. am I on the wrong track here..?

– No! That’s it, your right! (more right than I’ve ever been myself by the way)

OK, that takes two to ‘tango’ so to speak. When you write, do you talk to Me Mia?

-Yes, always (it’s like, Il don’t plan etc. and I don’t talk to you to take this whole page to me but..??)

Ok, many may benefit, when you write, do you talk to me I asked?


Ok well, that much is clear, then you belong to a) Mexico and b) to make notes on my speach and that’s all and perhaps a little more, but to that later. Write away and then …let’s talk in a week ok!


Thanks God

You’re welcome,


Gods Grace..

I’d love to learn about grace, what is it exactly?



Hi Mia,

I’d love to teach you about this. I am ever forgiving. I am ever so happy to help, and I am always available. IF you ever loved somebody (for real), you are the same. If you ever needed somebody to fulfill a void inside, you aren’t this type of person. IF I have all the Love that exists, I have no needs to love you in a needy fashion, but if I have nests of emptiness, and voids of IT, the Love that is, then I need you to fulfill my instructions and my want’s to be happy, and still – I may be only satisfied for a few days.

Wan’t to learn something? (yes, she nods eagerly)

There is only one kind of Love around. The else, is counterfeit. IF you love somebody for real, you aren’t even thinking of revenge, nor satisfaction via loveless deeds, such as thinking about expelling them from … anywhere. IF you love somebody, you allow. That is the rule of the universe #3. (We get to #1 and #2 soon).

You have to learn how to love your son Mia Haavisto. You have never loved him as you have loved yourself. You love only you at now, and that means, ever forgiving, ever so “Grace-filled” and allowing, but your son, he receives the stick, right?

“ya..I guess…”

Well, we need to correct this asap. Think again before you mail anybody anything about you nor your son, don’t. Mail only positive optimistic things, like “I trust he’s doing ok, or he is only thinking about what he want’s and also wherever is Love, there he is, etc.” and you’ll see what happens next.



Soul Ties and how we get rid of them…

Hi God, I need to know right now, how and where and who with, I could work on releasing some old, unhealthy soul ties.  I had a meeting today with someone and he so accurately pointed this to me, as a hindering force in my souls advancement when I seek for you God, and your Kingdom here on earth!

God says…

Mia, I am so glad you spend time with wiser people than yourself – news to me by the way, you tend to gravitate to younger folks that may actually look up to yourself, Ha Ha Ha! Well, irony aside, we think that this soul tie is broken that you are thinking about right now – hmm…what else can I say to break another one.. Ah yes, IF you actually would like soul ties to be off, you would take them out yourself, but you cling to somebody and that is distasteful, if you ask me..

DON’T KLING TO SOMEBODY, say – your’e done!… do you find it difficult?

Yes Lord..

I prefer ‘God’ by the way, Lord is my son..ehm..we call this “interesting aspect of this side of this universe”. When Love is available in abundance, and everywhere in sight, you seek it from somebody who isn’t Love’s main enemy, but nearing that.. and that’s what I call – stupid! Ok? As well as short sighted as you suffer and he strives to make you do so (sorry – a ‘sigh’ here.. from God)

Mainly we deal with soul ties with straight talk – working?

-Ah. yes.. how can I be so ‘stupid’

It’s devils lairs, his lures, his lies, he whispers that there’s a chance that this person may come back or that that other person may forgive you and like it like it’s at, and the third one will be saved and so on, he is a master deceptionist, do not trust satan, ever. Trust me when I say this:

The only way to heaven is by allowing someone to Love yourself. Period..s


-Yes Lord – ahem.. no I meant God

Thanks Mia and take care

Mom-hood, what is it?

God’s sake, I’ve got another mothers ask me stuff thing going on here. Here is a good one.

What is Mothering?

Hirado M.


Hopefully this isn’t the last one.

Mothers are saints. They care. They pretty much think their lives aren’t important any longer due to loving someone else more than themselves and they live for others. And they don’t sleep, eat nor nothing else than serve. Most of mothers that is. Then we’ve got some that don’t care, and that is sad, as it creates psychopaths. Those who don’t care will care a f t e r.. I guarantee..that’s how it goes. But to this later…

Mothers rule tough, if your mother says something, you jump! No matter how old  or how powerful you are. And when your mother dies, it is very upsetting. As we all know who’s mothers aren’t available anymore. And IF you’ve got a mother who isn’t available, dead or alive, you get very mad, inside of your soul, as it violates an eternal rule of mothering. Are you mad Mia?

– I am, a bit. My mother isn’t truly there for me, she’s mostly about her issues.. I think. Maybe it’s just me though. I may have some ‘splinters in my eye’s ‘ or whatever the saying was again..

Yes you do. You’re so much about you that …

well, it’s true. You can’t judge others, but I can. Leave it to me, and love them as they are. Flaws and all,


God [\quote]

In response to an inquiry re: the Modesty+ – design we have here on earth…

Hi God,

I received an inquiry re: your Modesty+ design. Can you elaborate…


Hi Hirado,

Fantastic that someone is interested. Typically people glaze over these small details. Small but yet very very key insights. The Modesty+ is typically an underrated virtue. We call it a truly hard -core Christian virtue. Those who like be seen doing altruistic deeds, aren’t getting anything at all for it. Those who aren’t even known to do these deeds, or do them silently, are. You know why? Think about this as a truly elevating focus of anyone who interests themselves in it. Do you operate from Love towards the target, or from selfish self elevating ‘am I a good person’ and ‘am I getting a lot for this’ though. If the latter – forget about it. LOVE rules the world, nothing else. L O V E! Get this, and you are ok.

G O D – the Almighty

How to chat with God.

Hi God,

I have a friend who also want’s to talk with you, and receive answers like I do. How to go about it? Please answer soon as she is eager and expects a lot from this!



Well, you start by small steps. You wan’t to think like this. ” I trust God”. This is a huge step. Most people don’t trust God at all. They think it’s a hoax. And when they don’t quite believe in him, they fail. That is that.

God – the Allmighty




God speaks about his work

I am sure you have something to say that I wan’t to hear,but can’t think the question for, let it roll God!


Hirado M., hurray! I have the floor finally,

Well, I wan’t to tell you something about Love. You need to feel joy at times, else you haven’t got anything in life. If you don’t elevate joy to the highest of desires, then why exist! If somebody asked you if you like to clean, what would you say? I know – NO, you don’t like to clean. If somebody asked you if you like to plan mortgages or loans, you’d say – Not likely and that’s all right, and if somebody asked you to clean and cook and you felt like dance classes, why don’t you say something! I am sick and tired of all those requests that keep pouring in sending me to the mad house sooner or later! And still all those thousands of people pray up to me, day in and day out! They say things like  ‘God, please send me cash!’ or…’God, can you arrange my living situation to a better one.’ or even…’God, let’s go and party, who should I call up?’. Hired, in this you have all these requests all day and night too, and I say to you -Hirado M. -you have to do something about these things. I am NOT a cookie cutter personal assistant type of God. I allow YOU to live your life as per what you like, I help when you ask, in relevant things such as…

a) where to live or what to do for living

b) who to be talking to and when about me especially and

c) what battle to choose and what not to choose or even

d) how to vacation and where (this is extra, not many receive this one but  you did and that was fun right) and almost all can receive this via you but they don’t ask so whatever…

e) why am I so tired and hell bent to work over time – two jobs etc. you ask and  that I can solve immediately (never save a lot but spend less) and..



My oh My I haven’t got it easy here in Heaven at all times