Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of

righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven – Mt 5:3-10

Hi- I’m Hirado, and I write a lot.

I call myself a writer because I write – all the time.



a) why do you judge me or…

b) who cares who we are, how we look like and where we live etc. Who is the one who makes all others say bad things about others who aren’t liking the same style or even housing options etc. The judgers, where is their juices flowing from and

c) where is the reason to judge and condemn others as they seek for love just as we all do.

Hi Hirado,

Glad u asked again some relevant topics here

a) demons

b) demons and

c) why? I say why? because of demons and satan

bye – and loving caresses from angels above +

xoxoxo from Love Himself GODAngel Lullabye by Billy Joel

The Anguish of teens

Hi God, I am sooo aggravated by my teenagers at all times almost. They do nothing. They yell and scream at me, call names and throw stuff around. Even juice boxes into the wall etc. What am I supposed to do with this – please,  just a word and I’ll be eternally thankful.


God speaks to Hirado here ; )

Hey Hirado, what’s up man! I’m just hanging loose here with friendsies as well as palsies etc. what’s up – hey etc. etc.

i.e what u do to the smallest one…you do to me.

Oops, I didn’t mean to yell, oops but…also, what they do to you, they do to me, so mutual respect is their nr.1 problemo and yours little missus here- is lovelessness. Aren’t you so super, dreaming about letting go already when boy needs a rest and is aggravated by your constant accent filled chatter!!


Gods helper Angels, palsies and friendsies

take care

Food and Love

I love food- what can I say…I love it. I wish I wouldn’t get so fat so fast eating all that food that i love so much, what do u say God to this issue?

God speaks and answers:

Hi Hirado,

I eat food also, and drink water and eat and enjoy, but I do stuff. The more u do, the more u eat, but NOT doing stuff and eating is bad. Eat away,



TIME vs. time

Hi God – again,

today was a “busy” day, I slept, wen’t to ballet and did some cooking. Where did all my time again go, as of today?

No time to ‘work’ at all. where doest the time fly????

God Speaks trough Hirado’s hands here —

Well, there’s a time to sleep and a time to work, a time to…and so on, you know, you could think about reading Me a bit more often you all silly whiners there, but as you are asking. Yes. I created time, but there’s TIME and time. TIME is precious, when destiny calls, you sit it out – or act straight away, but when stress is on, it’s time without caps. The time is always too short, and it’s not that precious either, its merely stress and running around aimlessly doing nothing – BUT – IF u r about TIME, the precious one, then TIME extends to whatever it needs to extend to and you never run out.

Let’s talk TIME here for a second, pun intended etc. but TIME is created to last forever, the striking appearance of a woman whom you never met who sits at a coffee shop and eats ..or the handsome gentle stranger who isn’t a stranger after all but a friends who sits right next to her. TIME stays still. Mere minutes have passed but eternity was there. OR…

We can talk death, even a death doesn’t take that “long” at all, except it does. TIME stands still. You are entering eternity, etc. But re: earthly events, the musicians know about TIME, that extends and bends to suitable lengths, or even artists. Also those who have relatives who stay too long…ehem, atzooh – sneezing- that starts to tickle my nose as it’s an Allergic Reaction To Relatives That Stay Too Long, but that’s another story,

See you again, TIME and time out again..

GOD ; )

PS: TIME is Precious so let’s start today, last warning, Writing something today, or just sitting around and smoking weed and cigarettes or…?


The Stars *** who r they again, why and so on –

Why God are some people so famous and brilliant and I’m nothing here dabbling along with this site alone as it is??? Why GOD isn’t this famous already?

God Answers here:

Hi Hirado, again!

There is a difference between a star * and you – as we know, they shine and you shine off them, like a moon is shining of a star, eh the sun as we know it. Be a star yourself by taking care of you first, then others first of all. Then — ask me to help you out after.

Ciao and cheers too

God Almighty (ehem ALMIGHTY that is!)

PS: notes aren’t there yet so what’s your issue, I’m readier than u are – say’s God again and again and again so be ready when destiny calls and don’t expect miracles but just do AS I SAY for Heavens Sake for once – you thick headed arrogant and stupid lady

The sense of acceptance and so on…


I am hoping to get to the state where I am ok with myself. To date, I have made so many mistakes trying so much to impress somebody and something else, I am also trying to be a good person. What shall I do?

Answers from above:

Well, the best thing to do is not a thing, it’s to be. To be you. All you need is acceptance of Lord Jesus Christ’s work for you. If you don’t have that, you don’t have anything. But let’s start from the beginning.

Most love isn’t easy. Self love included. And most love of self isn’t love, it’s neediness. When Lord enters our soul and heart too, where love resides by the way as all notes prior to this particular note say, we get it truly. The one who we need is His love first, when that’s clearing all the ‘garbage’ out, there is a purest of love left, but the entire thing is written before.

You have to read the Bible first, then come and ask any questions you like straight after!

All angels and so you Hirado



the Love ‘edition’


My issue is this. Why do people not get this. A Love is. A Love doesn’t do anything, it has a quality of substantial measures and it doesn’t well, persuade nor does it think etc. Why?

Hirado M.

Well said, and what else it is…you haven’t even started on this Love ‘edition’ and you already are – thank you my son Jeshua who worded it so well’ “give it all to us folks and we take care of you” or something like this… making it public that you aren’t doing stuff anymore. But doing stuff is almost as futile as being when you haven’t got a Love inside. As you see now, doing is very easy IF you Love. You just are. Being starts to seem a bit ‘harder’ if you Love, there’s just too much to ‘do’ but also, nothing at all. See the important shift. No-one who lives Lovingly wastes any time. They all are 100% on target and on top of things that aren’t important to worldliness, but are 100% important to me, and I have the authority on what is important after all. For example, to look out trough the window, and see the sunrise is very important, but having not done your taxes, relatively, isn’t. There.

When we do stuff, ordinarily, we are busy, and stress sometimes bothers us. We can’t get ahead. There isn’t “enough” time, and also there isn’t enough satisfaction in what we have accomplished either. But if we allow, we do only what we Love, and that is a shift of massive proportions, and that is what I wanted from the get go. But those who aren’t me, they tempted you to do stuff so that you would know more, be morally ok’er and so forth, that was a lie of tremendous capabilities, a lie of the ions, by the way. And that’s all – for today. Contemplate doing less and being yourself more. Then next week we talk about how to not to do so many items that aren’t of me, LOVE.


bye for now, night night, good bye, bye bye etc.


Loving Self

Hi God, a BIG ISSUE here, a Big Big issue, with most of my friends, and maybe me also, can you please treat this as urgent as I am dying to know, almost literally dying…to know. How – To – Love – Myself – Properly.


Hi Mia!

You have stumbled upon the universes biggest most well known universally recognized well miss-understood secrets the universe holds (and nobody gets – almost). The love of self, – ahh, oh so nice to talk to you about this tonight. All we do is love – see, that is who you and I even, are, not being love isn’t possible, but is well, … most of the time nowadays, very much miss represented among humans. Think about dogs for a sec, would you…I know I know, you have too many dogs and can’t get enough NOT thinking about them, but anyhow, for universal reasons, think – Dogs for a minute. They love themselves universally. They never criticize themselves at all. They love every minute of dogness they aren’t normally down either. They are. Satisfied being a dog. Now you for instance, most often criticize and argue with you. Mainly you alone and truly a lot, but for no reason. Why is that? Are you dissatisfied with how I made you? Or are you alone and have no-one other to argue with, and re-invent hell by doing this, all by yourself? OR what is it..

When you were born, back in those days, you aren’t thinking wow, what a bad situation I am at. I haven’t got anything but my butt and a bit of diaper rash right? Or are you? No, you aren’t. Kids don’t complain until they are introduced to it by adults. Now who told you you aren’t ok? And are you willing to recognize this, all things that you have to do to be ok are the ones that make you sad. And all things that you aren’t getting to because of these other situations are the ones that would be there for you to cheer you up. Say, what would you do today IF you wouldn’t be ok, for instance, If you would say, have a mortal illness, what would you go to do immediately.

Eat ice-cream comes the sentence like a flash –

And, why don’t you eat some? Well, don’t complain if you aren’t getting some ice cream right this instant, but when could you? And then do something about this bad situation of no ice cream in your life. And so on.. well that’s a start.

Why don’t you allow yourself to get a bit of liking yourself things here and there…as not to do this well, that is mean, and evil even. We call it self deprivation, and that depresses the heck out of even myself. (And I mean it, here I created heaven AND earth for your perusal and you aren’t satisfied, as you can’t eat – even a bit of ice cream at times when you crave it) MAN that makes me mad, so so sad to waste a life time thinking “Ice-cream would be nice right now but nonono, nothing for me, poor woman, cant allow myself such exuberances right?”

Plus -here on earth you have others who aren’t thinking about you as much as you think and you cater to them. Who are these people? Aha,

you say perhaps ex-husband, mother of yours, father even, somebody at church etc. ok let’s stop here.

Why on earth aren’t you asking them to go to ..heck I’m not sure where, but someplace else than inside your skull at least. You don’t deserve their “opinions of superiority” for a moment. I created a Mia and I am satisfied, aren’t you? Asking only… and if you aren’t satisfied with your leg size for example, why don’t you start a bit of a jogging routine, tomorrow even.

Please cheer up, I Love You.