How do I communicate with Angles??

Hello, this is Mia Haavisto,

How do I communicate with Angles in heaven?

Hi Mia, you’re back, I thought Hirado was writing…(hehehe)

well, fear does many things as well as erases your blog-sites well well well,

are you sure you wanted me to tell you how?

—Yes God, for sure, I am back and to stay and I want to communicate with them!!

Ahem, aren’t you an angel yourself if you talk to me?

—Whaat? Me? No, I aint no angel (that’s for sure)

Only Angels say this (while on earth), they have self focus on sin…

—Sorry, now you’re loosing me.. I don’t get this?? At all!! Can you please explain further!

May we talk some other day, you have to go to church right?

—Yes, oh my God (sorry).

God speaks here to himself: MY POINT EXACTLY

Homosexuals and the ‘like’ ok?


Hirado here God, I am bombarded with these sexual situations everywhere. I have friends (gay, and straight) and I can’t stand when I’ve been told that I ‘must hate them’ since I like YOU, but still. I don’t hate anybody, so what to say?

Hirado M.

Hi Hirado,

Are you muslim?

Hirado answers: No, I’m not muslim, I’m Christian

Have you got hate issues Hirado?

HM: No, not that I’m aware of…

Hmmm.. muslims or jews, which ones…

HM: Jews I guess, sorry, (where did that come from)

God: Well you have some choices to make now Hirado. Either you accept yourself as partial to some religious orientations, or you don’t. What’s it now then?

Hirado pleads: But You asked with an ‘or’ question?!

I did.

They don’t care about your opinion Hirado. You can choose either. No Muslim, or Jew cares weather you approve of them or not or..?

Hirado M: mm.. I guess not.. you’re right, I mean who am I! I don’t matter that much in the large scale right?

G: Bu I AM you see.

That means that I am all there is and that INCLUDES Jews, Muslims, Gays, Lesbians and also others.. that IS all there is. What is Missing is You since You judge ok!

Hirado, now we’re getting serious with this site. You can’t condemn Jews nor Muslims, nor Homosexuals, nor Gays or whatever it is. You can condemn violence, and lying for instance. You can condemn coveting and so forth but Not A Person per se. Just the BEHAVIOURS that hurt someone OK. That’s my stance,

So be it.



Normal, what is it?


Hi God,

I don’t really relate to people so much. I mean I like them but I am alone most of the time, and write and talk to you oh Lord.

Is this ‘normal’ or ‘the norm’ even?


Hirado Hirado Hirado,

No it isn’t.

But, what shall I say… I think you are too hard on yourself. Your standards are too high for self and others. Think globally, think business. Where your clients are, what you are to them? What is your standard there?

  • mmm I thank my clients (counselling) that they teach me so much, they are a gift! They always come with wisdom and secrets that are interesting and teach me so much about human conditions and love. I thank them every day!

OK, there’s a standard I love to speak about. First, they look up to yourself for this one perhaps not if they see it, but later. Humility is beauty. Also, the reason we aren’t able to love others is within (yourself). Ask yourself who told you that you are beautiful or special? When I say it I say, you are nobody, I am special right? Ah yes… there we it?


The Reason We Are Evil.

Hi God,

I am baffled. I am ‘evil’ at times and sometimes nice. Why?

Thanks for answering,


Hi there-

What’s up babe? I do know this. You’ve got to believe evil exists actually, but  it’s not just bad upbringing and some sort of stuff like that – drugs etc. You know the usual suspects. – But I assure you lady HM, I am creating a world here. I have created depths and hights. I have made water and fire And I made evil and good separate early on, for contrasts sake. Mostly that but eventually, …it’s a long story read on it online if you may, but. The answer still remains.

Yes. There is evil as in an entity of sorts and No you don’t have it but Watch Out! These are the signs of it entering. Lingering into you – innocent doves on earth…

a) a true confusion inside your brain, house, closet, bank accounts etc. Focus is Me. Lack of – isn’t Me.

b) The thinking time – the average personal assistant to Me is thinking maybe less than one second here and there, but you ahem…too much thinking. Be. To Be is a harmonious co-existence within or in-sync with Me – So Be IT. Say’s God Almighty …and also –

c) Most people don’t get this but to yell and scream is evil. Jesus never did yells and scream at people – . nor does Buddha or any of those guys. By the way – did you yell and scream last night? I think you did.. why on earth was it necessary, just wait and issues resolve. Don’t yell- for heaven’s sake and think about it. A yelling and screaming Jesus?? What an imagery – There’s your model in Jesus for what normal is by the way.


d) To take care of yourself has to be there. Lack of self-care. No hygiene. No nice hair do’s – ladies or cuts – mean, no nice clean nails. That is a sure sign of evil within – Think. Manifestation etc.

Keep Happy Thoughts. Keep Open Mindsets and so forth. That is normal. Also to eat healthy is a sign of wealth and so on but more to this later.          These are the signs of a well maintained clear space (within). Space clean Happy ideations and truth spoken. Let’s start there. And – Just be you. I made you for a reason. To be a bit of a sore thumb to others by being just yourself. So Be IT.

Amen and have a Good Day, ; )

God Allmighty

The Life as we know it.

Hi God,

Is there “The One”? Why don’t I meet somebody already. It’s been 10 loooong years!


Hi God’s little Hirado,

Here are some tips – a) go outside – meet someone who does something you like doing. Like dog walking and b) move away from the city. There is nothing like being outside and meeting someone at the trail head and at the grocery store where you belong. You aren’t a city slicker – you are a country bumpkin and you love it. Hirado, are you seriously attracting no-one? Well then we need to talk deeper.

Sure is, I’m alone as I waited over 10+ year for someones return. And I still wait – kind of. 

That’s silly Hirado. There is no such thing as delayed loving. It’s instant and where you go is very nice by the way so don’t pine. Get outside and walk those dogs –

bye – God

God’s Love towards us.

Hi God, I am alone today seated at my desk and I am a mess. I am messing around my house and slinging out garbage with one hand and fluffing up papers with the other. I have a bathroom needing to be cleaned as well as a doctors visit that’s due.. I am just sitting and focusing on writing, editing and all that stuff… What do you think about all this, is this ethical? Wise even? Or even morally correct to be so sloppy!!


Hi, God here!

Are you sure you aren’t creative? Maybe that’s all it is? I create and some parts of it still under construction – you even! You are a work in progress, bear with me Hirado.  I get to this when I have a chance…now writing a column about – mess! How coincidental!


Loving someone-something

Hi God,

I am seeing myself change here. I understand now that loving something or someone is everywhere. We can’t think like this. It’s only this or only that right? But in the even I love something, can I keep it?


Hi Hirado,

Perfect talk topic by the way. Yes you can keep it and work for it. Yes you can have someone that you love and yes you are able to love something-someone again IF anyone leaves etc. All we need is Love to make things work. As we know, if there’s a will there’s a way. Nobody needs to sacrifice, no one needs to be afraid. Love it. Live it and keep it. That’s my thought-du-jour.

There’s my motto for humanity. Love it. Keep it. Live it and enjoy it.

I am Love you see…


Hi God,

I have a question. What does it take to talk to Jesus. All the time all those who can’t hear your voice ask me this. – Why don’t I hear like you do and where is God, is he not liking me as I can’t hear like you etc. All the time God! I can’t think of anything to say, can you please help me out here.!

Gods answers trough Hirado’s hands here..

Hi H.M.

Are you sure you are hearing from Me? Or are you just pretending to hear and write these up on your own accord? I am. I am everywhere and everywhere means just that. EVERYWHERE. Even in your mind.

There is a chance that you are making this up Hirado right?

  • Yes, of-course, it can be that I am making all this up, obviously it is a greatest chance of them all right! I am actually never claiming that I am NOT making this up at all. But, for interests sake, let’s keep at it.

OK Hirado, now when we have that cleared out of the way, let’s speak about Jesus and how to speak to him – instead of Me-God.                     .Jesus is my son and – ehem… a like minded created item of Me. I am it – you see. I created you and Him as well AND I create all the time, even as we speak here I created  a million living things right this second, but you see Jesus, Jeshua is his original name is Christos. He IS the reconciliator and he IS the one that asks you to join Him together without anything nor anybody else. Will you join Him – or not. That is the real reason people fail here on earth. He isn’t wasting time on those who won’t and if you decide that you do, then you are hearing from Him for sure.

Amen and join Love ok!

Hirado- ehem..God speaks trough her Hands here hehehe…