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The Anguish of teens

Hi God, I am sooo aggravated by my teenagers at all times almost. They do nothing. They yell and scream at me, call names and throw stuff around. Even juice boxes into the wall etc. What am I supposed to do with this – please,  just a word and I’ll be eternally thankful.


God speaks to Hirado here ; )

Hey Hirado, what’s up man! I’m just hanging loose here with friendsies as well as palsies etc. what’s up – hey etc. etc.

i.e what u do to the smallest one…you do to me.

Oops, I didn’t mean to yell, oops but…also, what they do to you, they do to me, so mutual respect is their nr.1 problemo and yours little missus here- is lovelessness. Aren’t you so super, dreaming about letting go already when boy needs a rest and is aggravated by your constant accent filled chatter!!


Gods helper Angels, palsies and friendsies

take care

The Stars *** who r they again, why and so on –

Why God are some people so famous and brilliant and I’m nothing here dabbling along with this site alone as it is??? Why GOD isn’t this famous already?

God Answers here:

Hi Hirado, again!

There is a difference between a star * and you – as we know, they shine and you shine off them, like a moon is shining of a star, eh the sun as we know it. Be a star yourself by taking care of you first, then others first of all. Then — ask me to help you out after.

Ciao and cheers too

God Almighty (ehem ALMIGHTY that is!)

PS: notes aren’t there yet so what’s your issue, I’m readier than u are – say’s God again and again and again so be ready when destiny calls and don’t expect miracles but just do AS I SAY for Heavens Sake for once – you thick headed arrogant and stupid lady

God, I’m so dismayed, why don’t people like this stuff, or do they wan’t something more ‘scientific’ out of this?


I just want to know what to say to people when they are asking if I am a Christian, since I talk to you all the time and most christians fear this is Satan talking or something? Especially at the campus where I wen’t. They don’t trust that you still would bother with us, mere mortals here on earth. So depressing, they don’t trust me AT ALL!


Don’t explain, just say read 2 Corinthians 3 and shut up. Please, shut up already and stop whining,  lets do something Great! OK!


The sense of acceptance and so on…


I am hoping to get to the state where I am ok with myself. To date, I have made so many mistakes trying so much to impress somebody and something else, I am also trying to be a good person. What shall I do?

Answers from above:

Well, the best thing to do is not a thing, it’s to be. To be you. All you need is acceptance of Lord Jesus Christ’s work for you. If you don’t have that, you don’t have anything. But let’s start from the beginning.

Most love isn’t easy. Self love included. And most love of self isn’t love, it’s neediness. When Lord enters our soul and heart too, where love resides by the way as all notes prior to this particular note say, we get it truly. The one who we need is His love first, when that’s clearing all the ‘garbage’ out, there is a purest of love left, but the entire thing is written before.

You have to read the Bible first, then come and ask any questions you like straight after!

All angels and so on..to you Hirado



the Love ‘edition’


My issue is this. Why do people not get this. A Love is. A Love doesn’t do anything, it has a quality of substantial measures and it doesn’t well, persuade nor does it think etc. Why?

Hirado M.

Well said, and what else it is…you haven’t even started on this Love ‘edition’ and you already are – thank you my son Jeshua who worded it so well’ “give it all to us folks and we take care of you” or something like this… making it public that you aren’t doing stuff anymore. But doing stuff is almost as futile as being when you haven’t got a Love inside. As you see now, doing is very easy IF you Love. You just are. Being starts to seem a bit ‘harder’ if you Love, there’s just too much to ‘do’ but also, nothing at all. See the important shift. No-one who lives Lovingly wastes any time. They all are 100% on target and on top of things that aren’t important to worldliness, but are 100% important to me, and I have the authority on what is important after all. For example, to look out trough the window, and see the sunrise is very important, but having not done your taxes, relatively, isn’t. There.

When we do stuff, ordinarily, we are busy, and stress sometimes bothers us. We can’t get ahead. There isn’t “enough” time, and also there isn’t enough satisfaction in what we have accomplished either. But if we allow, we do only what we Love, and that is a shift of massive proportions, and that is what I wanted from the get go. But those who aren’t me, they tempted you to do stuff so that you would know more, be morally ok’er and so forth, that was a lie of tremendous capabilities, a lie of the ions, by the way. And that’s all – for today. Contemplate doing less and being yourself more. Then next week we talk about how to not to do so many items that aren’t of me, LOVE.


bye for now, night night, good bye, bye bye etc.


Talks, sermons and speeches. And what not to speak about.

Hi God, I am always wanting to do a speech, and talk about a lot of things that I am interested about, but then You interfere, and give me lame topics like “Love”, who isn’t thinking this is The Main Over Used Topic Of The World. Blah, and then, to top it all off, I had to re-expose my struggles with my son and all, what in the … name?


“Love Speaks Now”…

What!!! (In a loud exasperated voice) What are you saying? Are you bored of Me?

I think we are through then.. or?

-NONONO.. I mean ‘Love’ , the topic, as a speech, I’m not trough with You God, obviously not!

Well I AM Love, it says in the Bible even (do you read it even? I sent you 2 already..?)

-mmm, on occasion I get spurts of interest, and then I read other things in between..

Like what? I can’t say enough of Bible readers, but anyhow.. talk to me what went wrong with your little presentation then, I listen..

-Well, I wasn’t truly receiving the standing ovation or anything..and people still think I’m a sad case and a true mistake there I believe .. I think I may be over my head (at seminary school)

Wow, and who sent you there again?

-Jesus, he told me (in a night time dream like appearance, and it convinced me so much that I went)

OK, so Jesus speaks to you, I write you a poem right now and then you know OK, are you ready?

-Yes I am Sir..mm.. God

Dearest, use ‘sir’ if it makes you feel properly addressing an authoritarian figure as I am, there OK, are you ready?

-Yes Sir

The life ends when you are done. You can’t leave without a life style change without Me inside. Anyone who receives a Love this thick and superior is alive. Alive isn’t alive in a sense that it is alive in the worldly things, alive means spiritually ok. And you are. If anyone isn’t OK with a person who is contacting Me in this area isn’t it almost certainly a reception issue, not a delivery one? If you speak about Love and people like it, they are on to it, if you speak about fear and they love it, they have fears or if you speak about things that you know and they don’t they aren’t too interested OR, if you aren’t interested that is due to you not connecting with that particular personality, OK?

– You didn’t write a poem!

I know, and that’s why you receive a C ( minus even maybe) as you deliver an artistic rendering of a ‘Love’ topic and never mind, you got it?

-I did, it wasn’t traditionally speaking anything like a ‘sermon’ should  be, I see it, it’s my fault.

Yes it is and no it isn’t.

-What do you mean God

Love doesn’t make mistakes. IF you speak a sermon at a counselling school, what is that going to do to your mark?

-Low mark obviously

That’s what you did, sorry, you need to know your audience. Pay this one when you can,






I’d like to know Love better, can you help God?

Yes, I am. Thinking of which, you still need a seremon for your class don’t you…

-Yes, I am in the middle of the scriptures and still kind of working on it..

Ok, here goes, from God – Love speaks in fact, it’s IT. You’ve got it.. let’s go..rock and roll here!

Love IS.

Love does nothing.

Love accepts.

Love heals.

Love is all accommodating.

Love hates nobody.

Love has all interests in this world and beyond at heart. All of them. Love to think? Ya, go for it. Love to walk. Go for it. Love to take hikes. Go for it. etc.

Love accepts all and forgives the rest.

Love isn’t thinking about own best, but your best.

Love has all issues resolved by IT. It’s Love, for God’s sake… humans…and finally

Love helps you along. Don’t fret. Love yourself finally and rest. And get yourself some jeans that work..for heavens sake, ! Mia!


God = Love