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The “gap” between adults and teenagers today…

Hi God,

I am wondering if my teenagers still think I’m so “smart” at all things…?? I don’t ALWAYS know what they are up to either, nor am I so sinister that I would be going over their things EVER…so what should I do. I don’t want to disappoint my teens with anything super stupid, nor do I want to be adhering to tyranny as a method of ruling over them, but a parent. What’s a parent to do in most cases as situations arise…



Are YOU the ONLY parent here? Or…did they get “fathered”? IF you are, let me know and well work something out…but IF they by any chance have ANOTHER parent too, then let me know, and I’ll talk to HIM. He’s ok with me or..?

….ehem…he’s not actually…he isn’t “subscribing” to religious thought…

I didn’t ask IF he’s religious, I ask merely, can he talk to ME, God, about stuff?

… I’m thinking possibly not…on basis of what I know today at least…

Then were to do it, you and I…so now what? What’s your issue again…?

…I have to tell my daughter no about something and she doesn’t like it.

It’s GREAT. Tell her. And tell yourself too, and NO EXCUSES…


Gods Love Towards Us…


I didn’t Love myself for years!

I am such a dumb person, a complete ass… such a bad bad bad person and I don’t like myself now. I am not liking myself now as I am not loving me at all…and I don’t like what I’ve done either. I am in ‘repair mode’ over me…In essence. I am AWARE, and I am also capable of taking heed now…this precedes a complete transformation I HOPE! I don’t like these things about me at all

God Responds (AGAlN!!! : 0 )   )

OK Mia, calm down, I know your kid is here…(that’s tough right!) and I know you moved, and I know your new to business in write-ups and I know, I know, I know (I Created You!) I KNOW you, will you please let me in now?? (knock knock…)…

  • hmmm… OK say’s Mia…OK then

Fine, call a friends kid over who is struggling and say, I need your help! (That always works, people LOVE to be asked right?)

  • Yes, I do…! : )

Well then, don’t hesitate, call for ‘help’ … as when you are helping out, you actually receive help, BUT, when you getting help for you, you actually are allowing for OTHERS to heal. THAT IS MY DESIGN ehem… say’s God, with a slight wink in his eye, “I did it to measure intents and give accordingly”. He says..”Isn’t that brilliant”!!!

Whoo Hoo…!! That’s why I’m GOD (and you’re NOT!)

GOD Almighty ; )

Death and dying alone…

Loving God Almighty,

I have lost a soul so dear to me that I cry alone, all the time…a lot of the time I am home

and arrange my paperwork or jus stare…

most of the time I cry and lament on my faith alone…what shall I do?? I cry alone, what could I do to be so sad is heart breaking and very sad and so sad and and and…(sobs…)

God Says…

Aww Mia, are you so sad that your son is in heaven now?? Why not tell someone who isn’t there that they shouldn’t be arguing with you and telling you what to do next…why not just argue over nothing with nobody as you are…like this. “I should have gone there…! Aaarrgg…and replying “Yes you should you idiot!”, “You are a scum bag, why didn’t you know this in advance!!” and so on (this has been going on now for years I think, you self blaming instead of being married or someone “special” with somebody…who COULD actually tell you something, but nobody does! Why? Because there is NOTHING TO SAY you IDIOT! (Now I’m getting mad here in heaven so…so…SORRY) …I’m hoping you take this advice.

Go talk to someone, like your ex husband told you to do…: ( and do it soon! Take a hike like I said or go swimming…and tell people that you love it here where you are currently and tell people and “Yadi Yadi Yadaaa…” well said. Whatever. I say to you, IF you believe in me At All! You stop this shitting all over others and self and start saying to me “Your Will Has Been Done, he’s at peace and harmony with yourself and others and I am grieving as I miss his physicality and obviously his silly laughs and joking and being there, but that is just a natural thing to do!” This will elevate your joy as you see other kids playing outside and enjoying themselves somedays we cry, and somedays we are happy. Period. I am God and I do what I want, but I am ALWAYS RIGHT when I take someone as they completed their work here on earth. Completely. Nobody is alone and at this I mean, NOBODY ever is ALONE. I am always there with you so silly Mia, stop this ridiculousness and be happy that you are alive and well and have friendships too.

Alone – phew, what have I said for millions of times over and over, I never leave, I am always PRESENT, even in sorrow.



True contrition to sin…what is it?

Hi, Mia here…I love Catholicism, I like it a lot! I love Jesus, he appeared to me there!! Oh so niiiceee…I love the sins and confessing them off…

What!!! Why do you love sinning???

—how did I say that? I don’t love sinning?? I love to be aware of sins to get rid of them…

Why are you so aware of yourself sinning Hirado M?

–maybe not focusing, but just being aware of, so I can get the ‘smut’ cleaned up from my system

Catholics like to confess right, that’s what you want right? Ya? Hirado? Are you there HIRADO?

—Ya, I LOVE confession, it’s so ‘smut clearing’, I feel lighter and happier instantly!

(But I don’t, say’s Jeshua, it’s on me now, instantly as you say this…auuch, another thorn again.

But not to worry, I do my job, as always…it’s my Fathers will)..

No Work No Fun right? Mia.

—ehem, right (I’m a Lutheran since birth practically so it’s in the systematic upbringing of ‘you are evil, confess it)

I know, I created Lutherans as well, they aren’t evil, they think evil as they do all kindness, sometimes… as a cover I mean…

—Mom won’t be happy hearing that I’m sure!!

Sorry, your mother isn’t evil, I thought you said that way back…

—ehem,, ya..maybe a bit sinister, that’s all…but anyway back to me of course (self focus again here manifesting)..

But you are the SAME – self-centred as Fabio, (or someone else in focus for beauty)

—jai jai ouch.. : (

OK well done, you confessed from the heart now. Don’t blame others before the logs are out (of your eyes says son here!)

My work says, don’t judge. Don’t condemn and don’t sin right?

—-Yes Lord!

Soldiering there on.. so don’t do it. Don’t swear isn’t in the ten commandments but the 10 is a must ok! If you sin against these three – There is no other God, don’t keep idols, don’t blaspheme Me nor swear on God’s name etc. there. STOP IT!


Well then, what else do you do then?

–like smoking, ya know, swearing, that kind of shit … oops! : – 0 You see what I mean though right? I don’t want to sin but I swear and shit..oopsie again…sorry God

That is a forgivable sin but NOT under my name ok?

Don’t say for instance “I swear to ___God’s name here…” etc.

—OK…! And…?

Assuming your daughter reads this later, we call all Angels and Saints now who n e v e r blaspheme Me! OK! OK  !!!?

–sure (now even more subdued)

Like this right?

–it feels yucky…icky even

That’s sin, it’s coming out of you now, so how do you like THAT now?? : )

–hmm, it’s icky and sticky somehow, is it over yet?

Noooooo … just starting… let’s go on later then ok

—Thanks God


“Thanks be to Lord Jesus Christ!”

Mia Haavisto (and GOD)



How do I communicate with Angles??

Hello, this is Mia Haavisto,

How do I communicate with Angles in heaven?

Hi Mia, you’re back, I thought Hirado was writing…(hehehe)

well, fear does many things as well as erases your blog-sites well well well,

are you sure you wanted me to tell you how?

—Yes God, for sure, I am back and to stay and I want to communicate with them!!

Ahem, aren’t you an angel yourself if you talk to me?

—Whaat? Me? No, I aint no angel (that’s for sure)

Only Angels say this (while on earth), they have self focus on sin…

—Sorry, now you’re loosing me.. I don’t get this?? At all!! Can you please explain further!

May we talk some other day, you have to go to church right?

—Yes, oh my God (sorry).

God speaks here to himself: MY POINT EXACTLY

The Life as we know it.

Hi God,

Is there “The One”? Why don’t I meet somebody already. It’s been 10 loooong years!


Hi God’s little Hirado,

Here are some tips – a) go outside – meet someone who does something you like doing. Like dog walking and b) move away from the city. There is nothing like being outside and meeting someone at the trail head and at the grocery store where you belong. You aren’t a city slicker – you are a country bumpkin and you love it. Hirado, are you seriously attracting no-one? Well then we need to talk deeper.

Sure is, I’m alone as I waited over 10+ year for someones return. And I still wait – kind of. 

That’s silly Hirado. There is no such thing as delayed loving. It’s instant and where you go is very nice by the way so don’t pine. Get outside and walk those dogs –

bye – God

Hi God,

I have a question. What does it take to talk to Jesus. All the time all those who can’t hear your voice ask me this. – Why don’t I hear like you do and where is God, is he not liking me as I can’t hear like you etc. All the time God! I can’t think of anything to say, can you please help me out here.!

Gods answers trough Hirado’s hands here..

Hi H.M.

Are you sure you are hearing from Me? Or are you just pretending to hear and write these up on your own accord? I am. I am everywhere and everywhere means just that. EVERYWHERE. Even in your mind.

There is a chance that you are making this up Hirado right?

  • Yes, of-course, it can be that I am making all this up, obviously it is a greatest chance of them all right! I am actually never claiming that I am NOT making this up at all. But, for interests sake, let’s keep at it.

OK Hirado, now when we have that cleared out of the way, let’s speak about Jesus and how to speak to him – instead of Me-God.                     .Jesus is my son and – ehem… a like minded created item of Me. I am it – you see. I created you and Him as well AND I create all the time, even as we speak here I created  a million living things right this second, but you see Jesus, Jeshua is his original name is Christos. He IS the reconciliator and he IS the one that asks you to join Him together without anything nor anybody else. Will you join Him – or not. That is the real reason people fail here on earth. He isn’t wasting time on those who won’t and if you decide that you do, then you are hearing from Him for sure.

Amen and join Love ok!

Hirado- ehem..God speaks trough her Hands here hehehe…




Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of

righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven – Mt 5:3-10

Hi- I’m Hirado, and I write a lot.

I call myself a writer because I write – all the time.



a) why do you judge me or…

b) who cares who we are, how we look like and where we live etc. Who is the one who makes all others say bad things about others who aren’t liking the same style or even housing options etc. The judgers, where is their juices flowing from and

c) where is the reason to judge and condemn others as they seek for love just as we all do.

Hi Hirado,

Glad u asked again some relevant topics here

a) demons

b) demons and

c) why? I say why? because of demons and satan

bye – and loving caresses from angels above +

xoxoxo from Love Himself GODAngel Lullabye by Billy Joel