The End – what is it?

The end of anything is sad, why God? I hate to leave anyone behind, anywhere also, and I am very attached to most those who I meet, then they leave, and I am getting sadder by the day? How so?

When we reach an end of something, we aren’t ending it, we cease to become interested in it. If you end too soon, you have an interest in furthering that particular issue, or situation. Don’t end too soon, never lag behind, ending too late either. Timing is perfect when you know inside this: I am done, so very done and ready to move on. If people persist and are clinging to you as you move forward, it isn’t right, and when you rush ahead before you are getting to this stage of your life, you are asking for trouble as well. Don’t end too soon, don’t drag behind, and remember to pray always.GOD