The life after love – is there such a thing as this?

Hi God,

I am wondering if there IS anything after you loved someone for so many years. When you finally let go, what happens next?


Hi Mia,

I am sad to see this is happening. That you finally have let go. Love never lets go of somebody and never moves out nor leaves nor …anyway. It wasn’t love then. It was neediness. So that’s sad that you see it as Love if it isn’t. That causes distress.

IF you love someone you NEVER let go. NEVER. There are stories of people hanging on to hope for decades. D E C A D E S Mia. And when you finally see each other, it’s heaven. There is love. That other stuff, now there is a lot to be said but not love. Only needs.

bye now sad one,


The Life as we know it.

Hi God,

Is there “The One”? Why don’t I meet somebody already. It’s been 10 loooong years!


Hi God’s little Hirado,

Here are some tips – a) go outside – meet someone who does something you like doing. Like dog walking and b) move away from the city. There is nothing like being outside and meeting someone at the trail head and at the grocery store where you belong. You aren’t a city slicker – you are a country bumpkin and you love it. Hirado, are you seriously attracting no-one? Well then we need to talk deeper.

Sure is, I’m alone as I waited over 10+ year for someones return. And I still wait – kind of. 

That’s silly Hirado. There is no such thing as delayed loving. It’s instant and where you go is very nice by the way so don’t pine. Get outside and walk those dogs –

bye – God

TIME vs. time

Hi God – again,

today was a “busy” day, I slept, wen’t to ballet and did some cooking. Where did all my time again go, as of today?

No time to ‘work’ at all. where doest the time fly????

God Speaks trough Hirado’s hands here —

Well, there’s a time to sleep and a time to work, a time to…and so on, you know, you could think about reading Me a bit more often you all silly whiners there, but as you are asking. Yes. I created time, but there’s TIME and time. TIME is precious, when destiny calls, you sit it out – or act straight away, but when stress is on, it’s time without caps. The time is always too short, and it’s not that precious either, its merely stress and running around aimlessly doing nothing – BUT – IF u r about TIME, the precious one, then TIME extends to whatever it needs to extend to and you never run out.

Let’s talk TIME here for a second, pun intended etc. but TIME is created to last forever, the striking appearance of a woman whom you never met who sits at a coffee shop and eats ..or the handsome gentle stranger who isn’t a stranger after all but a friends who sits right next to her. TIME stays still. Mere minutes have passed but eternity was there. OR…

We can talk death, even a death doesn’t take that “long” at all, except it does. TIME stands still. You are entering eternity, etc. But re: earthly events, the musicians know about TIME, that extends and bends to suitable lengths, or even artists. Also those who have relatives who stay too long…ehem, atzooh – sneezing- that starts to tickle my nose as it’s an Allergic Reaction To Relatives That Stay Too Long, but that’s another story,

See you again, TIME and time out again..

GOD ; )

PS: TIME is Precious so let’s start today, last warning, Writing something today, or just sitting around and smoking weed and cigarettes or…?


Gods favouritism and all that sort of stuff

Hi God, I had Christine ask me if God prefers some people, when they seem to have all the luck, how is it God, do you?


Now were talking, you of all people should know this…ahem..

as you are interested in behalf of others, I’ll say no – and yes. I do favour others and then again don’t. This is the final answer. But, if YOU wan’t to favour ME, then I favour You! See! I work in fairness, and in healing modalities too…

Sometimes we work in tandem. You favour Me, and I favour You ok! But, at times, we’re a bit less in-tuned. You favour me and it SEEMS that you have a lot to do and all things go wrong all the time… hmm, what’s up then?? You may ask yourself. I’ll tell you what’s up. You can’t listen to what I have to say to you. You are rushing, and all it takes is a few moments each day to listen (and to take notes if you have to) and live accordingly (and to read my works). But, we all know how you get with those tasks to do and accomplish, no time for old God in Heaven, he’s just talking…right?

– ok, I agree. I take a few blows here and there for not listening, nor talking to you seriously, just blogging and forgetting about the results etc. hmm.. what do you suggest for in-tunement

PRAY, always! PRAY ’till the cows come home, and after even, and don’t think you don’t have to cause I’m here ; ) – Mia, seriously, are you taking notes or ..?

– I am, I am, I do take notes, I just don’t read them always, I forget, I get distracted!!!

That’s the devil. He’d like to derail you – watch out for these signs…

a) don’t get things over with (it’s “stuck-ness” – that’s bad and all things end without any effort but not the way you’d like them to if you don’t watch out

b) if you don’t receive what you need – you possibly haven’t talked to Me and said Thanks! and..

c) if you aren’t in matrimony, and wanted to be – say to yourself, am I talking to the wrong person? And will I think like a fish, or like a mammal. If like a fish, well you know what the saying is there…and if like a mammal, you’d think by now you’d find somebody, IF you’d tried truly right?

Mia, I’m serious – sometimes it’s ‘up to you’ stuff too, but hey, who’s blaming Me! Not you! And if you aren’t taking any precautions, like prayer, do not say this – “I didn’t know” OK!

Thanks for asking,



Soul Ties and how we get rid of them…

Hi God, I need to know right now, how and where and who with, I could work on releasing some old, unhealthy soul ties.  I had a meeting today with someone and he so accurately pointed this to me, as a hindering force in my souls advancement when I seek for you God, and your Kingdom here on earth!

God says…

Mia, I am so glad you spend time with wiser people than yourself – news to me by the way, you tend to gravitate to younger folks that may actually look up to yourself, Ha Ha Ha! Well, irony aside, we think that this soul tie is broken that you are thinking about right now – hmm…what else can I say to break another one.. Ah yes, IF you actually would like soul ties to be off, you would take them out yourself, but you cling to somebody and that is distasteful, if you ask me..

DON’T KLING TO SOMEBODY, say – your’e done!… do you find it difficult?

Yes Lord..

I prefer ‘God’ by the way, Lord is my son..ehm..we call this “interesting aspect of this side of this universe”. When Love is available in abundance, and everywhere in sight, you seek it from somebody who isn’t Love’s main enemy, but nearing that.. and that’s what I call – stupid! Ok? As well as short sighted as you suffer and he strives to make you do so (sorry – a ‘sigh’ here.. from God)

Mainly we deal with soul ties with straight talk – working?

-Ah. yes.. how can I be so ‘stupid’

It’s devils lairs, his lures, his lies, he whispers that there’s a chance that this person may come back or that that other person may forgive you and like it like it’s at, and the third one will be saved and so on, he is a master deceptionist, do not trust satan, ever. Trust me when I say this:

The only way to heaven is by allowing someone to Love yourself. Period..s


-Yes Lord – ahem.. no I meant God

Thanks Mia and take care

The events of my splitting up …

Hi God,

I have a question. I have a lot of divorce around me, in my vicinity, it’s rampant. How do you feel about it? It’s bad isn’t it. I did it.

Can I meet someone now? And finally,

Where is it that I best meet another that You approve of…oh Lord! Almighty God! This takes ages and ages and I’m running out of time…

Hirado M.

Hi Hirado!!! I’m so glad you ask finally a real true you-related question! I’m so glad! Finally some honesty here!

a) I think you have not been asking me who to marry! I recall that you just did wan’t to  choose by yourself?

Those who aren’t interested in my partner selection aren’t having the right to take it as the other one’s fault if things don’t work out. Right Hirado?

It says somewhere…– what God has joined…etc. in the marital vows. NOT what you both found as impressive and good looking and great to show around right Hirado? Isn’t this fantastic – it’s all “up-to-you stuff” AND, at the time – you didn’t listen to me AT ALL Hirado ; ). So NOW..Further, don’t pamper yourself with any ideas that you were right and the ex-spouse was never right. Take this righteous smile right off your smug little face, and do it Right Now!

b) What next, you ask now. Well Start dating. You aren’t any younger than fourteen years ago when you first asked these stupid silly idiotic stupendously foolish questions. Start dating. How else will you find someone if you don’t start dating! There’s online sites galore out there. Why do you sit here alone and keep talking to ME, for heaven’s sake (no pun intended)… maaahn .. humans!!

c) As per where you should meet someone. My answer is clear.

I con’t care. Go outside. That’s a good start.





When do I know that it’s time to meet someone, after divorce or breakup or being alone?

 Hi Hirado,

When you do what I say that you should do, that is the best time.

It means when you are able to forgive, and to receive love as you receive, say food. Not intensely gobbling away, not hoarding, never saving to starve oneself nor able to store too much for later. If food were love, how would you treat it. Take a bite at a time, enjoy it together with a partner and take care of it. World needs Love, as well as resources to growing it. It’s all in the nourishment and we see this when we feed each other. Love ensues, Love enters. And when you aren’t feeding the world, you aren’t feeding yourself. By the way, the resources aren’t endless you see. Take care of yourselves, eat healthy and well, and love will ensue. I promise!



Is everyone alone, ultimately? Or are we met by somebody when we die?


For a long time I have been wondering how it feels like to die? Are we slipping into somewhere without anyone’s help, or – are we met by some “spirits” or the like, when that happens. I’m afraid of death and hate going it alone, can you help please!

— Hirado M.

Hi Hirado M,

Sorry, it depends on your choices, if you were alone while alive, you may be alone while in death. If you push people away and allow only so called cool people around, that means you are judging, and will be judged as well by others, and that is when you get to go it alone.

If you on the other hand are open to meet others, and are welcoming and enter their homes and spaces without judging, you may even have friends, welcoming you when you transform to an angel – or a demon, your choice.

Keep it up, sis!