Money, what is it FOR…!!!

Hi, it’s me…money isn’t bad right? Or…?

GOD: Hi Mia, money per-se isn’t ‘bad’ but people who deal with it have dirty hands often….

Me: What do you mean??

GOD: I mean, when money isn’t clean…that is…

Me: How clever…hmm…

GOD: Let me tell you a story…once in a while you hear this…”I wan’t money God, please send me some…” then I did…and the person wasted it all…so what is it? Why would you wan’t something that you then throw around like s&*t? I am just wondering here….

Me: Well…I guess we could use some education and guidance??

GOD: Yes, and how about altruism, selflessness and generosity?? I’m just asking for small stuff right?

Mia Haavisto


Hi God, why do we lie?

Hi Mia,

You lie because you don’t know what it means…lying means you are up to something not ok! If you ever lie, check your motives as you sure can’t tell it was for a ‘good cause’ or anything… and ANYBODY who lies, is a thief as well. These two things go hand in hand so to speak. Lying makes the ‘world go around’ currently, but it ends in a ‘bang’ some day for all those who engage in it. The atmosphere is seductive. More of anything…that’s all lies.

When people lie they get into debt, and freak out as a result. When people lie they are typically escaping harm, for the short term, but selling themselves to the ‘devil’ at the end, to be tortured, and destroyed. We can’t EMPHASIZE enough this about all lies, how vile they are to humans. I wish no-one ever lied to ME (say’s God with tears in his eyes…).

Who cares, may somebody think here, who cares right? I Care, say’s God Almighty, and that matters.


Love – what is it??


Hi God! What is LOVE again?

GOD: Hi Mia

Love is ME. I simply AM. I NEVER do anything, I just AM. (this is LOVE).

To tell u a simple story, it goes like this. Are u alone today??

If YES – where is your family? Friends? but if NO – then why aren’t u alone? There is only ONE answer. Love. So IF u r feeling alone, there’s a lack of love for somebody, and IF u aren’t then u got it. There, u getting it?

Mia: No, not really…can u help me??

GOD: Ok. When ‘doing’ stuff, you are stressing out IF this can’t work or can I make it on time or … but when ‘being’ you are, so nothing can ever go wrong, nor be late. People used to ‘be’ a lot more, now they just ‘perform’ to somebody els’s clock or schedules…and make money (which is a most ridiculous idea if you ask me, I can’t make money so how could you ‘make money’?? They mean ‘take’ money, not ‘make money’ they those others there…we can EARN money on earth but not ‘make’ it by the way)…

Anyhow, if you are not ‘doing’ anything, what are u??

Mia: Lazy?

GOD: NO NO!!! You are creating! You are connecting people to a cause currently, and you are… so much more than LAZY – you are FREE. Take it from Me, God, take it from somebody who IS Love HIMSELF, don’t ‘DO’ anything, just BE yourself, and that takes care of all things on earth. Everything. (The trouble is always about ‘performance’ so, stop it – NOW!! Do no perform, just BE (YOURSELF).

Mia: How can I??

GOD: What? Didn’t I give you a mind to entertain yourself with? Did I? Now take it and go to work, it’s yours to use! ‘Gosh almighty!!’

Mia:Hmm..isn’t that ‘doing’ something…??

GOD: …NO, it’s Being (in charge) of your own destiny. Now think of something else to ask, this is TOO elementary, any CHILD can Be Themselves, and you forgot??

Mia: Ok, I’ll try

GOD: NO NO – there is NO TRYING. Just BE. Oh my GOD (and so on…) I AM, so Be YOU. Just pay attention to the present and stay there….Just BE(at) it…tudum tudum… (music here… from Michael Jackson..with new lyrics to boot) Just BE(at) it!! tadam tadam..

This is for YOU Mia..tadam…tadam… who did YOU think makes up music for instance, or art? ME! Just be – and be INTENTIONALLY! Just BE. (That’s the secret of the Universe by the way!)

GOD ALMIGHTY ___ so simple. LOVE IS all there is so just BE… people.. a child knows this…Don’t ask stupid questions anymore, get something more interesting like the world economical trends or something now ok lady Gracious one!


BE(at) it… just BE(at) it…tadaa…tudum…

Just Be(at) it….tada tadam…just Be(at) it…new song from the universe…tada…tadaa..

Evil, the nature of*…

Hi God, it’s Mia… I’m just wondering if u could tell me something…I am hoping Judas got to heaven, and felt it was “unfair” for him to be pre-selected by u to kill ehem … betray ur son Jesus??? How is that FAIR? I mean… I can’t see how that can be a fair deal for him?

GOD: Hi Mia,

Good question! Once in a while u shoot good ones (instead all about you and yours! ; ) )

Ehem is right by the way, betraying someone can kill, so u know… and so we go on to this theme here. How can somebody have a fair chance IF God already chose Him (his son here) or somebody else to betray somebody else etc.? Well, let me re-cap. Judas was Satan (in disguise obviously!) and he has a chance. He CAN submit to the Lord Jesus, but he doesn’t, and I KNOW IT IN ADVANCE, as it’s his “deal”. He can’t. He already left me for good. So, we USE him to our work on earth. See, IF Satan wouldn’t have betrayed Jesus to the authorities, we couldn’t have proceeded. Now Judas died a grisly death (his guts spilled out on a field etc. bad ending – yuck + !) so he got his deal right there, and that’s alright, as he is evil! But, without  his input we couldn’t have won!  See above, re: Jesus, my son (who also got a shitty deal by the way!) So overall, all good wins at the end. So that is MY plan, and that’s all there is to this story. Do u get it Mia now?

Thanks God, I think I do, so we USE the bad guys to forward YOUR cause God? Or that u use them to forward your cause, and us too…??

GOD: BRAVO Mia, YES. But… there is a choice. And THAT IS JESUS WORTH ON EARTH. Now u can make choice according to ME and he helps right?

Mia: Ok …?? What do you mean God?

GOD: He gave u an option.

Mia: What option?

GOD: The option to follow HIM of course (u moron! What have I been teaching all these years! )

Mia: Oh, OK. I do get it..

GOD: U R a good ‘soldier’ so don’t worry (just a bit dumb… ok!)

~ by Mia H. Haavisto

What God gives, we should take…

My job as an artist is to encourage other artists. We can, we will join hands, and we shall come first – at the end. When God gives you talents, you shall embrace them fully. Don’t be shy to sing, every opportunity you get, nor even dance. Don’t be too “self important” to be open. Don’t think your’e the best, NOR the worst. Be yourself. I love God, who has given me writing as a tool, among others (photography, dance, music, drawing and painting portraits especially) and from now on I shall be His Best Servant, doing full on what he want’s me to do. THIS.

Gods children must play, and if we can’t, we are doomed. Doomed to stand still, and suffer. Doomed to be alone. Only the true you can have friendships. Or else they are fake, all fake. Lying about your talents isn’t productive, nor is the abuse of self via telling self one is wealthy when one isn’t wealthy, and sinking in a never ending debt circus due to it. Humility wins points. Do what you can but don’t boast as God is truly generous but does like credit too! 

My God, I thank thee today for all these artists gifts that I have, and I shall make full use of them now, during my later years. Thank you again,


Sunshine Coast B.C.

Sadness Lingers (and other miseries of life…)!!

Hi God, it’s Mia,


Hi Mia, I haven’t heard from you for a while, what’s up ?? 

Hmm… my son died…I’ve been blue as hell…well, fat and blue! And tired, and cranky, and tired…and also settled…but mainly a bit ‘left overs of life’ kinda you know…sad…

Hell yea, I know whats up – your sad over your son right?

Well yeah, I mean, who wouldn’t be…

I’m not sad one single bit.

What? How can you say that…I’m sad as sad can be…

I’m not (say’s God and smiles a bit)…well how are you otherwise?

Well, what do you mean “otherwise”, is there any “wise” other than me being sad right here and right now?

Oh yea, there is – there is three “wises” in a man…one heart, one body and one mind…what’s your brain doing for instance…what’s it’s say on all this?

Hmm…interesting concept, I think it’s trying to resolve what’s next…(all the time actually) working like a maniac weighting options, resolutions, making changes, trying to learn from all this etc.

So a bit on the “overdrive” would you say?

A BIT yeah, a LOT actually (it’s too much actually, constant computing and changing course and…and…) yeah, overdrive is a good word to describe this stage..

And body?

Mmmm tired, kind of ill, I mean a bit sore and cranky (fever) and has a cold

Oh boy Mia, your’e sad – and nobody cares really right?

Yes, …your’e right. Maybe this is it…nobody actually cares…

When my son died, nobody actually cared either too much, just a few friends, and his mother obviously etc. but after centuries, well, perhaps even sooner, something happened. Somebody saw something strange, a few people got together and started churches for him, and so forth. A book was put together, and a lot else, now millions listen, and even more are interested. Don’t despair, nothing changes faster than an opinion that was wrong when a death certificate was handed over…nothing chooses so fast to think first before acting than a pro-drug use to a pro-sobriety, nothing changes so fast as a pro-me me me to a ‘fuck this shit’ your’e right after all mode when death reaps…we need death to live, and dying isn’t the end. So cheer up – in a year you’ll see, what’s up, but before then – trust in me. I know what I’m doing…; )

God Almighty


The “gap” between adults and teenagers today…

Hi God,

I am wondering if my teenagers still think I’m so “smart” at all things…?? I don’t ALWAYS know what they are up to either, nor am I so sinister that I would be going over their things EVER…so what should I do. I don’t want to disappoint my teens with anything super stupid, nor do I want to be adhering to tyranny as a method of ruling over them, but a parent. What’s a parent to do in most cases as situations arise…



Are YOU the ONLY parent here? Or…did they get “fathered”? IF you are, let me know and well work something out…but IF they by any chance have ANOTHER parent too, then let me know, and I’ll talk to HIM. He’s ok with me or..?

….ehem…he’s not actually…he isn’t “subscribing” to religious thought…

I didn’t ask IF he’s religious, I ask merely, can he talk to ME, God, about stuff?

… I’m thinking possibly not…on basis of what I know today at least…

Then were to do it, you and I…so now what? What’s your issue again…?

…I have to tell my daughter no about something and she doesn’t like it.

It’s GREAT. Tell her. And tell yourself too, and NO EXCUSES…


The drug use epidemic in BC Vancouver

God, I lost a son to this thing… I haven’t even started to see him gone. Why??



That’s all I can say today… I AM.

Nobody ever realizes what that is…: (