Normal, what is it?


Hi God,

I don’t really relate to people so much. I mean I like them but I am alone most of the time, and write and talk to you oh Lord.

Is this ‘normal’ or ‘the norm’ even?


Hirado Hirado Hirado,

No it isn’t.

But, what shall I say… I think you are too hard on yourself. Your standards are too high for self and others. Think globally, think business. Where your clients are, what you are to them? What is your standard there?

  • mmm I thank my clients (counselling) that they teach me so much, they are a gift! They always come with wisdom and secrets that are interesting and teach me so much about human conditions and love. I thank them every day!

OK, there’s a standard I love to speak about. First, they look up to yourself for this one perhaps not if they see it, but later. Humility is beauty. Also, the reason we aren’t able to love others is within (yourself). Ask yourself who told you that you are beautiful or special? When I say it I say, you are nobody, I am special right? Ah yes… there we it?


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