New Age. Old mind set. Perhaps a little more than a clash?


God, I go to school at a Christian University and there is a huge issue with so called New Ageism. What is this exactly. I am confused sometimes as all things resonate and then at times, … well I’m not sure what to say exactly but at times it seems off..can you elaborate on this age old issue for me, and plenty of others I feel?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Mia,

I’m glad you are asking. This is a burning issue here all the time. We get confused as well at times I feel ( ( * ) ) morning star? Evening star? Who knows what time it is, as we aren’t really counting, etc. right? Well, for starters. We have to make sure who we are today to be able to talk. Are you a new ager?

– no, I don’t think so, I mean, I used to read that stuff, do tarot etc. but I have stopped (reading and doing such stuff). But I read about star children for example, I’m not sure where that falls? I pray and I believe in God, etc.

Fantastic, so you are curious right?

-yes, very and analytical and I’d just wan’t it to be clearer to all. Where is the ‘line’ or is there one etc.

Well, there IS a line, and it isn’t a blurry one at all. Think, we have adjusted a lot of you already, as you became a christian right?

-yes we have noticed that all things are improving, all things, such as..

Never mind the details, we have also installed a new radar into you, what’s that?

-mmm, I see better. I mean, I see some times things in a different ‘light’. Like radio or TV programs, some strike me as evil today, where I didn’t notice anything wrong with them before, that kind of stuff…

I think you are on your way to a new life after you clear a few small snags, but re: New Ageism. I think all old witch craft is all old, rather than ‘New’. That’s all. 




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