Neighbourhood stance.

Hi God,

I have a “fence issue”

I have neighbours who didn’t care. I have neighbours who aren’t Christians. They don’t give a s&@& about me at all!!

I hope to be in the neighbourhood of loving people, where is it?

Mia, I am Loving This…

Are you yourself a sinister sinner?

— I am, Lord, I am…I truly am, I have a lot of flaws still.

I Love This, are you a sinner?

— I am such a sinner Lord, such an evil sinner. I have to admit publicly every Sunday at Church that I have sinned, and I do so…

Mia, you aren’t just a sinner, you are a truly Remorseful Sinner.

I love it that you admit it. But those who are issuing these rights of neighbourhoods to you, aren’t sinners right?

— I’m not sure what you are saying, I’m not sure I understand, please expand…

I mean, wherever you see folks who don’t admit to their sins, that’s where sin stands.


(Say’s the Lord of the Universe with tears in His eyes)

I’m so so sorry, He adds, I’m so so sorry, you’r neighbours are mean to you, but you have ME  – He say’s and smiles. You and Sofia have ME, say’s the Lord, you’ll always have ME.

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