My teenager son is staying in his room, and stares at a screen a lot, is this dangerous?


Yes it is. It’s devils fare. It’s porn, it’s violence and satanic acts. It’s lovelessness, abandonment of tasks in favour of ‘leisure’, it’s sadistic violence without meaning. We care a lot about this up in the sky upstairs, we do care! And we say to parents of all teenagers on earth, don’t stop them from doing this but guard it, and save the preaching but take away appliances for dinner time and also for bedtime. It’s even in bedrooms, classrooms and their leisure time is gobbled up by it. Nobody gets better by tv and nobody gets more fit and happy by you tube. It’s all a substitute for living and when we loose our selves, as we do when we grow up without bodies nor even tasks, we loose our s o u l s! Danger! Danger! Danger!

Where you go with this now is this. Take away computers at meal times. Take away the phones at bed time. Start there. And if not, you loose eventually to a mean and sinister girl and boy who are intensely violent and also intensely sadistic as well as insensitive to emotions of humans.


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