Hi God, why do we lie?

Hi Mia,

You lie because you don’t know what it means…lying means you are up to something not ok! If you ever lie, check your motives as you sure can’t tell it was for a ‘good cause’ or anything… and ANYBODY who lies, is a thief as well. These two things go hand in hand so to speak. Lying makes the ‘world go around’ currently, but it ends in a ‘bang’ some day for all those who engage in it. The atmosphere is seductive. More of anything…that’s all lies.

When people lie they get into debt, and freak out as a result. When people lie they are typically escaping harm, for the short term, but selling themselves to the ‘devil’ at the end, to be tortured, and destroyed. We can’t EMPHASIZE enough this about all lies, how vile they are to humans. I wish no-one ever lied to ME (say’s God with tears in his eyes…).

Who cares, may somebody think here, who cares right? I Care, say’s God Almighty, and that matters.


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