Love – what is it??


Hi God! What is LOVE again?

GOD: Hi Mia

Love is ME. I simply AM. I NEVER do anything, I just AM. (this is LOVE).

To tell u a simple story, it goes like this. Are u alone today??

If YES – where is your family? Friends? but if NO – then why aren’t u alone? There is only ONE answer. Love. So IF u r feeling alone, there’s a lack of love for somebody, and IF u aren’t then u got it. There, u getting it?

Mia: No, not really…can u help me??

GOD: Ok. When ‘doing’ stuff, you are stressing out IF this can’t work or can I make it on time or … but when ‘being’ you are, so nothing can ever go wrong, nor be late. People used to ‘be’ a lot more, now they just ‘perform’ to somebody els’s clock or schedules…and make money (which is a most ridiculous idea if you ask me, I can’t make money so how could you ‘make money’?? They mean ‘take’ money, not ‘make money’ they those others there…we can EARN money on earth but not ‘make’ it by the way)…

Anyhow, if you are not ‘doing’ anything, what are u??

Mia: Lazy?

GOD: NO NO!!! You are creating! You are connecting people to a cause currently, and you are… so much more than LAZY – you are FREE. Take it from Me, God, take it from somebody who IS Love HIMSELF, don’t ‘DO’ anything, just BE yourself, and that takes care of all things on earth. Everything. (The trouble is always about ‘performance’ so, stop it – NOW!! Do no perform, just BE (YOURSELF).

Mia: How can I??

GOD: What? Didn’t I give you a mind to entertain yourself with? Did I? Now take it and go to work, it’s yours to use! ‘Gosh almighty!!’

Mia:Hmm..isn’t that ‘doing’ something…??

GOD: …NO, it’s Being (in charge) of your own destiny. Now think of something else to ask, this is TOO elementary, any CHILD can Be Themselves, and you forgot??

Mia: Ok, I’ll try

GOD: NO NO – there is NO TRYING. Just BE. Oh my GOD (and so on…) I AM, so Be YOU. Just pay attention to the present and stay there….Just BE(at) it…tudum tudum… (music here… from Michael Jackson..with new lyrics to boot) Just BE(at) it!! tadam tadam..

This is for YOU Mia..tadam…tadam… who did YOU think makes up music for instance, or art? ME! Just be – and be INTENTIONALLY! Just BE. (That’s the secret of the Universe by the way!)

GOD ALMIGHTY ___ so simple. LOVE IS all there is so just BE… people.. a child knows this…Don’t ask stupid questions anymore, get something more interesting like the world economical trends or something now ok lady Gracious one!


BE(at) it… just BE(at) it…tadaa…tudum…

Just Be(at) it….tada tadam…just Be(at) it…new song from the universe…tada…tadaa..

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