Is everyone alone, ultimately? Or are we met by somebody when we die?


For a long time I have been wondering how it feels like to die? Are we slipping into somewhere without anyone’s help, or – are we met by some “spirits” or the like, when that happens. I’m afraid of death and hate going it alone, can you help please!

— Hirado M.

Hi Hirado M,

Sorry, it depends on your choices, if you were alone while alive, you may be alone while in death. If you push people away and allow only so called cool people around, that means you are judging, and will be judged as well by others, and that is when you get to go it alone.

If you on the other hand are open to meet others, and are welcoming and enter their homes and spaces without judging, you may even have friends, welcoming you when you transform to an angel – or a demon, your choice.

Keep it up, sis!


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