In response to an inquiry re: the Modesty+ – design we have here on earth…

Hi God,

I received an inquiry re: your Modesty+ design. Can you elaborate…


Hi Hirado,

Fantastic that someone is interested. Typically people glaze over these small details. Small but yet very very key insights. The Modesty+ is typically an underrated virtue. We call it a truly hard -core Christian virtue. Those who like be seen doing altruistic deeds, aren’t getting anything at all for it. Those who aren’t even known to do these deeds, or do them silently, are. You know why? Think about this as a truly elevating focus of anyone who interests themselves in it. Do you operate from Love towards the target, or from selfish self elevating ‘am I a good person’ and ‘am I getting a lot for this’ though. If the latter – forget about it. LOVE rules the world, nothing else. L O V E! Get this, and you are ok.

G O D – the Almighty

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