How we don’t do what we aught to do?

Hi God,

It’s truly sinister that I feel so sad, what is it? Why do I feel so awful at times and so sad even? Do we believe in ‘demons’ still today and why is it so hard to get rid of demons if they r real?

Hi Hirado -, the “demons of fear” are on you. Don’t believe them. “Pray them out” asap. Like this:

a) tell them to leave and be sure they won’t resist if you are sure you want them to leave and

b) ask ‘it’ to go away for good and

c) tell ‘it’ to stay away for good and

d) tell Me to come and heal your heart. I.e a

good old exorcist routine. -I tell you – These boy’s knew what they were talking about,


Me – God Allmighty



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