How do I communicate with Angles??

Hello, this is Mia Haavisto,

How do I communicate with Angles in heaven?

Hi Mia, you’re back, I thought Hirado was writing…(hehehe)

well, fear does many things as well as erases your blog-sites well well well,

are you sure you wanted me to tell you how?

—Yes God, for sure, I am back and to stay and I want to communicate with them!!

Ahem, aren’t you an angel yourself if you talk to me?

—Whaat? Me? No, I aint no angel (that’s for sure)

Only Angels say this (while on earth), they have self focus on sin…

—Sorry, now you’re loosing me.. I don’t get this?? At all!! Can you please explain further!

May we talk some other day, you have to go to church right?

—Yes, oh my God (sorry).

God speaks here to himself: MY POINT EXACTLY

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