Horses and Addictions

Hello God Almighty,

I hope this isn’t too late…but I hope to help addicts too, and horses are supposed to be extra good at this work. How does a horse help an addict exactly? How? Why? (And so on…)


Hi Mia…Hi there…

I’m sure you know already, you don’t say…

  • Thrills, ‘kicks’ ahem…no pun intended here and also physical exhaustion but something else too…I don’t know.  What is it?

The reason a Horse isn’t just any animal for this is simply this.

They are poetic and free.

The addiction ‘kinda’ mirrors something like that (and it’s also a bit dangerous at some level also) just like any Heroin ride… you never know if you are emerging from it alive or something like that and also…the life is so ‘edgy’ with a horse.

The horsemanship however requires sobriety. They  – addicts – don’t know it but once there, you can’t smell of booze nor cigars, …nor other substances ’cause the horse KNOWS that you aren’t there for its need for a leader.. then it can kick,  may runs away etc. So there.

Double whammy. All or nothing ride for a lifestyle change right there. So either

you ride and experience similar (or better) ‘kicks’ via horsemanship, or…

you die trying…eheheh…

I love extremes up here…makes people think!

God Almighty


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