Homosexuals and the ‘like’ ok?


Hirado here God, I am bombarded with these sexual situations everywhere. I have friends (gay, and straight) and I can’t stand when I’ve been told that I ‘must hate them’ since I like YOU, but still. I don’t hate anybody, so what to say?

Hirado M.

Hi Hirado,

Are you muslim?

Hirado answers: No, I’m not muslim, I’m Christian

Have you got hate issues Hirado?

HM: No, not that I’m aware of…

Hmmm.. muslims or jews, which ones…

HM: Jews I guess, sorry, (where did that come from)

God: Well you have some choices to make now Hirado. Either you accept yourself as partial to some religious orientations, or you don’t. What’s it now then?

Hirado pleads: But You asked with an ‘or’ question?!

I did.

They don’t care about your opinion Hirado. You can choose either. No Muslim, or Jew cares weather you approve of them or not or..?

Hirado M: mm.. I guess not.. you’re right, I mean who am I! I don’t matter that much in the large scale right?

G: Bu I AM you see.

That means that I am all there is and that INCLUDES Jews, Muslims, Gays, Lesbians and also others.. that IS all there is. What is Missing is You since You judge ok!

Hirado, now we’re getting serious with this site. You can’t condemn Jews nor Muslims, nor Homosexuals, nor Gays or whatever it is. You can condemn violence, and lying for instance. You can condemn coveting and so forth but Not A Person per se. Just the BEHAVIOURS that hurt someone OK. That’s my stance,

So be it.



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