Hi, I’m wondering about mindfulness, can you please explain a little bit?

Hi, I’m God, the one and only one. I am. This is, and there isn’t anything that needs to be done ever, except being. When you ‘are’, you are the real you, and when you are trying to be somebody else, you aren’t real, but an attempt. An attempt to be somebody else’s idea of yourself. This is hell on earth. This is evil. To be or not to be, now there is a question to be aware of. I’d say – to be.

And when you are the best you, you are the real you also, we are even saying this here on the universal planes, those who aren’t themselves are evil as they pretend, and those who aren’t pretending will suffer, as those who are, get at their ‘backs’ and whip them the real true selves to submission, or at least try to do this. A lot of damage is done with this mentality by the way…Thus nothing else is as aggravating to a fake than a real being.

Who you are depends on what your moral stance is, and who you aren’t depends on what you don’t wan’t to represent. For instance, to be  ‘honesty’ you need to live it, to be a ‘frugality’, the same. You by the way are both of these. We faked for a bit that you aren’t and you suffered right? But now it’s over, you can be honesty as well as frugality again, as those life values sit well with you as well as others who you see as your friends.

To be who you are is what you came for, to become somebody else’s idea of you isn’t right. To be what you came for is my agenda for every human being, and to fake and pretend is the devils way of establishing fakes and-or just pure ‘evil’ or even just really mean…your choice of word but anyway – take care

bye Hirado M. ,


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